New Newstalk line up


He likes his organic banana


No surprise that he’s from Limerick.


First response to that tweet is a fair clamping!!!


Hes getting a right chasing


Is he somebody of note?


He is from Monaghan actually .


He’s obviously fallen on hard times if he’s living in Limerick.


@flattythehurdler won’t be long changing that lazy stereotype around here.


The snappers will blend right in though.


No wonder he’s shopping in Tesco.


What is he going to do if supervalu ban George from their store? Hook is always giving them a plug on his show.


I’m sure John would return to Tesco for the duration of any future strikes.

He’s the type that loves passing pickets.


Not sure why that’s not linking :confused:


Global village has been cancelled


Wonderful news.


Who’s gonna speak up for the adopted deaf lesbian Pakistani travellers with mixed gender children now?? This is a scandal.


Ooooffftttt. George’s revenge.


Huzzah! A superb win/win situation for the general public.



Moncrieff was one of those who wanted Hook gone.

Newstalk management won’t sack him.

He’ll put them in the awkward position that they deserve to be put, they will look very foolish. They’re proving Fintan O’Toole right in everything he said.