New York City the greatest city on earth?


I ordered one on Monday but it won’t be here on time unfortunately.


I fly Sunday.


Just draw them out of the ATM while over there. The FX rate VISA give you is a way better than the bank.

  1. Use a debit not a credit card
  2. Get a good chunk at each withdrawal as you’ll be charged a transaction fee (still way less than what the bank steal in the FX margins).
  3. If the ATM offers to do the FX conversion at a fixed rate, say no. That’s just a US bank robbing you instead of a Irish one.

If you really need cash the GPO in Limerick should have some on hand, they only do US & UK so they’d want to. No bank is going to have $1,500 sitting in a drawer. They might have $300/400 though from people selling them. I’d ring around.


@AppleCrumbled is an old school gambling farmer. He loves the wad of cash in the top pocket of the shirt.


jesus that is savage backward, I walked into Thomas Cook off the street here yesterday and picked up $1500


Do an Post not do an fx card that you can lodge money with no commission, use as a debit card over there?


I hope you got a reward when you handed it in.


They do but it’s a rob. Same problem as cash. That no commission thing is just a gimmick they just have wider margins on the fx rate


It’s 3 years he’ll be getting when the Old Bill catch up with him


That’s a shame. I fly a few days later for a business trip.

Just don’t spend all your time in Irish bars.


I fly tomorrow.


Why does anyone need to carry $1500 in cash ? It’s 2017 not 1987!

Withdraw from a ATM when over there as Julio says.

I fly over and back to the UK 2 or 3 times a month. I can’t remember the last time I actually used sterling (cash) however. I do everything on my debit/credit cards.


I assumed you’d get robbed with services charges etc


I’m heading to a knicks game and an ice hockey game. I’ve a cousin working in the killarney rose pub.


Make sure you have a secure fanny pack to put your money in.


I’ve a wallet that I use at the races that’s used to carrying excess amounts of cash.


Madison square garden is well worth the expensive tickets to get a game there alright. Who are the Knicks facing that night?


I’ll be the Dead Rabbit Sunday night


Knicks home lineup

Charlotte Tuesday night
Sacrament Saturday night
Cleveland Monday week
Utah Tuesday Week


A large post office should have it over the counter - think there’s a limit of $500 ish