New York City the greatest city on earth?


Heading Saturday night


You should just buy travellers cheques


I’m In England 5 or 6 times a year so it’s worth it.




Atm over there


Is it worth going to an ice hockey game?


Amateur hour here, the trip was booked months ago


I went to a second tier one once while over there. I thought it was unbelievably dull, but obviously it wouldn’t have had the same atmosphere. It’s basically about 20 mins of actual stuff happening spread over about 3 hours, with most of the time being spent on gimmicky stuff in between.


American sport is shite apart from racing and boxing


Some of us are busy with jobs we don’t have endless hours to be planning every detail of our trips abroad.


Anyone done the Sopranos tour?


Yes if you going to an ATM twice a day. But top up your credit card and you should be fine,


But you’ve hours to be watching horses being whipped to death around a field ? Priorities, mate… A two year old would be more prepared than you - scrambling for cash and ideas at the last minute :joy:


Yerra he’ll be stopped at border control.


I did it years ago. Think it was shortly after the finale. Thought it was class. Went to the Bing, which is surprisingly small. Got my photo taken with Vito Spatifore at the end. If you’re a big fan, it’s a must.


I’ve been to a Boston Bruins home game. It’s okay if you can get tickets for handy money (like we did, i think 30 dollars for decent seats) but i wouldn’t spend top dollar on it. It’s the sort of thing families over there like to attend i imagine. There’s huge crowd interaction - stuff like kiss cam, which fan can do the most stupid dance, zooming in on fellas eating hot dogs but not knowing they are on the screens and lads coming out firing t-shirts from rocket launcher type things into the crowd. I nearly caught a t-shirt over there, it rubbed along the tips of my fingers but they blast them into the crowd. If you are with a few lads at it and willing to drink beer and eat hot dogs then it’ll be the finest. Beer will be very dear in the stadiums, maybe 9-10 dollars a pint.


Absolutely is, if you can get lower bowl tickets its a great sport to attend


I went to loads of Islanders games and a couple of Rangers, I thought it was great fun though I’d never watch it on TV,
I’d pay big money to see the knicks in MSG though, great night out


Heading over in the new year and will try and get this done as well as a trip to Hoboken. Will try and fit a Devils game in on the same day trip.


Quick straw poll if yed the choice between basketball or icehockey ? I’ve no real interest in either but a few of the lads aren’t reluctant to do both. I don’t mind going to both.