New York City the greatest city on earth?


I prefer ice hockey to basketball. But basketball is fairly amazing to watch if you can get as near to courtside as possible, you’ll never see athleticism like it in your life.


You’ve obviously never played junior hurling


@Matty_Hislop is right, NBA basketball from a good seat will knock your socks off like nothing else I’ve seen I sports, NFL is a better spectacle and day out but Basketball is damn impressive at that level.


I would pick NBA all day long but then i follow it. For a total neutral who doesn’t give a shite either way, i’d still pick the basketball. There’s a thing in madison square garden for Knicks games called celebrities row, where you will see proper celebrities throughout the match like Jay Z and Beyonce, Barrack Obama or something. The camera will pan to them and they’ll get up and wave. You’d only ever see that in LA as well where Jack Nicholson is a regular at Lakers games. But there will be a bit more fan interaction at the ice hockey.


NBA all day howebet if you want a fight in the crowd then ice hockey. The puc travels so fast its impossible to follow. The downside to the Basketball is that its going through the motions at this stage of the season. The Knicks will beat the Kings by 20 points. Probably worth going to see Prozingas play.


As an attendee of both this week, basketball, especially if you don’t follow hockey


I’m home.


Hope you’re not engaging in roaster behaviour of loading up in Woodbury Common with American eagle polos and hoodies that will do me the finesht for next year.


This is the greatest city on planet earth. Our apartment is just opposite joes pizza in manhattan. It’s an incredible time to be young, rich and Alive.


Did you go with the shoebox kid? How did your mates toes smell?


Have you been down to Scottys diner yet?


No where’s that?


cc @AppleCrumbled


I’ve given that post quoting the original stellar post a like.




Unreal. I look forward to a full review of your experience there.


I could write it myself right now,


Staying around the corner from there in Feb, what’s the breakfast like? What did you have?


There’s all sorts of different items you can get. From American style pancakes with maple syrup to omelettes to bacon and eggs type thing, and cream cheese bagels. I used to often get an omelette of some description with a cream cheese bagel (toasted) on the side. The clincher was all of the omelettes come with a portion on side of the plate of fried potatoes. Whatever you get will be a good size portion and you will feel like you have got your money’s worth. You won’t get to the bottom of your cup of coffee before someone comes around to fill it up again for you, usually the owner. I’ve seen New Yorkers queuing out the door in the mornings to get in there, but usually you won’t have to wait at all.