New York City the greatest city on earth?


Home fries mate, this place sounds like every other diner I’ve been to


You have a great way with words.


What are grits?


Are you still in New York mate, i would love your take on Scotty’s diner.


There’s a great bar off Broadway called Hurleys. Savage service and drinks. No Irish scum as well which is what i look for in a bar


I’m gone home mate. I’ll make sure to make it top of my list the next time. Your recommendations are always bang on


I had a delightful breakfast/lunch. I’d cheese based sausage omelette with fried potatoes on the side. It was extremely large portion which I struggled to finish. The waiter was a very sound New Yorker who glanced over every time he passed to check if my cup of coffee was low. As we were leaving I mentioned I was recommended this place by a friend who came here every time he was in New York. The waiter mentioned he’s worked their for twenty years and are just trying to do their best but nothing brings them more joy than a repeat customer. He was very thankful for the business.


I’m after breaking down crying here.

Was the old Italian owner there? He’d be a low sized fell in his 70s and walks stooped over.


He wasn’t. He’s still alive but is only around a few days a week. I’ll head back tomorrow and keep up this beaiutifil Tfk tradition.




That is really fantastic. I’m crying here


Best eating city in the world and you’ve a lad heading back for another omelette :rofl:


Thinking of booking a weekend in New York early in 2018 just to eat in Scotty’s off the back of these two recommendations.


I can see this becoming a little tradition for when TFK members visit New York, the obligatory visit to Scotty’s diner. :clap:


A typical shallow response from one of the most shallow posters on the forum. It wasn’t about the food; it was about tradition. @Smark has been like a guider to me on Tfk. It was great following in his footsteps this morning.


The hotels are for nothing at the moment, unreal value. Flights cost €354 return.


+1 There is a lot of emotion flying about.


You couldn’t enjoy yourself without the approval of a few lads on a forum mate :thinking: and I’m shallow? :smiley:
And you’re heading back for more diner food, in NYC


He’s in NYC mate not Savannah, Georgia.


Ground corn boiled in water/milk/butter.