New York City the greatest city on earth?


Some wonderful interactions here today. Difficult not to get emotional about it all.

Some bunch.


Why would you risk trying breakfast anywhere else once you’ve found a golden nugget like Scotty’s? :laughing: I can’t get my head around that mentality. The first time i was in New York i ate there five mornings in a row, the second time three mornings on the bounce but that was only because i was staying in Brooklyn that time and had to get the 30min subway ride to Scotty’s each morning


My mother and her fanny pack crew are heading to NYC on Saturday and they’ve added Scotty’s to their itinerary.




Good on you mate, the thing is that poor old @AppleCrumbled is so insecure and needy that he’ll be in there every morning now just to impress a few lads on TFK, I can picture him wasting his entire holiday in the best city in the world taking left field advice from oddballs


Thats not a wasted holiday though mate starting your mornings at Scottys. Hand on heart the best part of my trip to New York the second time was the 30min subway ride to Lexington avenue each morning and the anticipation i felt until i was seated at Scotty’s, and then the exhileration rushing through me as the plate of fried potatoes and omelette came out.


Sounds great pal, he’ll spend his mornings there and the remainder of the time in that Irish pub with no Irish, his pals will be thrilled.


Never had a feed quite like that. I’ll be back


A serious number of TFK aliases hanging out in NYC this week.


I’d give anything to be in his shoes right now armed with the comfortable knowledge that i’m walking into Scotty’s diner tomorrow morning for breakfast. My old Italian friend would keep an eye on me because he knew i was a good customer and was grateful for my custom. He would pace up and down closely monitoring the level of coffee in my cup and before it hit the bottom he would appear. “More coffee?” with furrowed brows, to which he would scurry away for more of the steaming hot, smooth, fresh, black liquid. I’d watch as he carefully poured the coffee into my cup, and then the black liquid in the cup would dance and shape into a cloud as i poured in a splash of milk. Magic.


I sincerely hope that @AppleCrumbled will get to meet this fella, I’m sure it would be the highlight of his holiday to be able to post that experience on TFK



You’re an awful sour aul bollix. Cheer up ya cunt.


I find it funny how much @Tassotti winds up @backinatracksuit without even trying


The boom is back. The Irish are hitting new York en mass to do the Christmas shopping


I’ve been in the City this week as well myself.

There’s nothing quite like walking out of Penn Station at night. The MSG and station itself might be rat infested shitholes which replaced a gem of American architecture, but emerging onto 7th Avenue is something else.


I love the way Scotty’s diner has a few of the usual lads driven demented.


I thought this was a piss take, maybe it is, but Scotty’s has some serious reviews online… I’ll be taking princess along if we decide to stop in New York in the new year. Well played @Smark.


Just checking… Southern owner of diner I lived by in Chicago always served them.


Southerners love their grits, Italian Americans not so much (although polenta isn’t that far removed from grits).