New York City the greatest city on earth?


There’s nothing like an American diner when hungover and insatiable…


Scotty’s will have a “TFK recommds” logo in the window before Christmas.

Alternatively Smark ates here…


Steak and Eggs mate, nothing like it.


I’ll take my kids next July. Hopefully they will make it a little tradition and take their kids one day.


Incredible scenes. @Rocko’s decision for have a TFK Fall Festival in NYC is really paying dividends.

I’ve just gotten off EI105, Uber to city, quick shower and now I’m FiDi for a four o’clock.

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Unrale.Greatest city on earth.


I’m Anglo Irish American. And proud of it. We have given the world everything


Stand tall. These fucking ragheads will never beat us.


Anyone looking to dine (evening time) in a proper Italian American restaurant and not really in the usual guidebooks should check out Sparks.

Can be a mobster hangout. John Gotti had a few fellas whacked outside it in the 1980s.


Scottys or you weren’t there


I’ve just realised I’m here on 9/11. OMG


I love the way we have a American ethos and outlook on TFK


You about tonight Chief?


I think you’ll find Sparks steakhouse is in quite a lot of guide books due to its historic cosa nostra connections.

You could always try a selection of these


Bar one or two pints in Midtown shortly with some much loved former colleagues I’m not out. Early start tomorrow.

You lads should get yourselves out shortly for Happy Hour though. Get bar hopping. There’s loads of young people who will booze for a few hours around Murray Hill. All young and working in first jobs in the city. It’s glorious. Just keep moving from bar to bar. But beware most of them will be home by 11pm.

Might be worth heading over towards West Village then, or Lower East Side. And just keep going to different bars.

Wilfie & Nell at West 4th and West 11th is my own personal favourite bar in NYC. It’s got a sister bar in the East Village called the Wren which is excellent too. Irish owned bars but not Oirish bars.

Christ I wish I was young.


Heard come 11 o clock the mean fiddler is the place to be for young ones?


There’s two unreal barwomen there



Good grief. Don’t go anywhere near Times Square.



fine collection of ties next door too if you want to wow the execs tomorrow