New York City the greatest city on earth?


I have to ask , Is Tinnion Apple and John Snow , or just John Snow. Or is Apple John Snow and Tinnion just Tinnion…


No it’s quite simple Prosperous types hang out in New York.


And why are you there?


I’m driving unbelievable business the way of Scotty’s diner.


You deserve a award


I’m very glad to be associated with the type of TFK person in New York. We all share similar opinions and tastes


Pity you couldn’t make it to Scotty’s last week mate

Next time I hope




I really can’t recommend this pizza place enough it’s like scotties diner. A real family feel to it. You pick up a lovley “slice” to keep you going. Had a great day walking threw Central Park and visiting ground zero/staten island. Heading for a bit to eat off union square a meeting a few friends then in town.


I booked again in Feb on the back of the review of Scottys diner from @Smark


Tempted to book a trip to NYC for January. Have holidays spare that I can roll over till next year. Would a week be too much ?


It will be ice cold there in January. I don’t think you need a week for New York personally. Some people love the place, but for me once you have seen the sights once it is enough. I would say five nights is sufficient if you are a first timer going there.


3 /4 nights in NY and 2/3 in Boston. Fly into NY and out from Boston. Get bus from NY to Boston.


Could also do DC. One night / two days is lots in DC to see the main sights.


That’s very good advice


You’d want your examined to get a bus from NYC to Boston


It’s a lovely train journey from New York to Boston, particularly in the Fall. Possibly the other way around would be nicer as coming into New York at night is magic.

The bus trips can be hit or miss timing wise but are far more affordable. I think you can get 5 dollar ones with those discount jobs.


I agree. I used to have to travel to DC and Boston a bit with work and I always took the train. Net net it’s about the same as flying by the time you get to the airport and get through security but it’s just a much more pleasant way to travel.


On route to Scottys diner as I type.


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