New York City the greatest city on earth?




Have you two phones with you?


I do.


One for hos and one for bros


You must be some baller with your two phones @AppleCrumbled


Be the jaysus you’re a regular DJ Carey.


I will be in DC in Q1 2018.

As a grandchild of people who didn’t have running water growing up I remember killing some time cycling down the National Mall in DC and thinking of all the wonderful opportunies and experiences free education in Ireland gave us.


I can see my Avatar from here!!!


Almost as good as being there yourself.


I hope one of them is not on 3. Absolutely rape you for any US calls or data. Cunts.


I can almost smell the maple syrup on the pancakes.


Take a picture of your breakfast @AppleCrumbled and more pictures generally of the inside of the diner.


only successful people can travel to New York, lads with money and load of phones. Some of the losers and pretend ira on here will never have that chance


I’ve two phones just for my different Tfk aliases. It’s easier than logging in and logging out.


I’ve often thought the same myself as I’ve carried bags around NYC and sat in boardrooms taking notes for the higher ups, the opportunities I’ve had compared to my own father who had virtually no opportunity to get an education.


I’ve got one more meeting left to do before I can switch off and enjoy myself. I’m literally bringing a green jersey to this meeting. My client loves sawker and I’ve brought him an Ireland jersey so he can follow us in Russia in lieu of the USMNT.


its great to see @Bandage allows that now, he was very strict on that before


You are a credit to Irish Americans


Great touch mate.


You are all wonderful people.