New York City the greatest city on earth?


It’s people like you who keep the Irish economy motoring. You won’t get much thanks for that from the general public, but you deserve all the plaudits in the world here.


You would almost say he’s wearing the green jersey.


The looney leftie headbangers will saying he should be taxed be more, but in reality it’s people like him that are out there getting the investment into Ireland that allows the screaming mullallys to sit at home all day being outraged.


The lefty headbangers moaning about Trump and guns in America all day on Twitter, never being bothered to do something positive for Ireland and never planning to visit the place. The ballsy guys are over in the US drumming up business for Ireland and making real life connections.


He’s creating a positive impression. I know by his posts he articulated and can be trusted


He will turn that €50 jersey into a €5,000,000 investment.
That’s a savage bit of business.


The pretend ira lads can’t get their head around that


That’s almost doubling the return on investment. :clap:


I put on a value of €4,999,950 on the Goodwill element


Just having a pint here in Kilkenny wishing I was having an omelette in Scotty’s Diner.


This thread has rekindled my faith in mankind. With the John smith, M&S and aldi ads out this week I’ll be a blubbering wreck by 9pm.


I can see my avatar from here!!!


Thanks, pal. That means a lot.

Client absolutely loved the jersey, he was thrilled with it. We’ve just finished our steak lunch and now I’m off to Uniqlo to buy some @TheUlteriorMotive approved threads.


The cashmere hats are great

Enjoy it pal


You’ve 2 phones on the go as well?


That’s a lovely looking bit of salmon


This has to be the most heartwarming thread on the Internet


I wouldn’t say no to an update on how @AppleCrumbled got on last night.


I was just going to ask where would I get a good steak around manhattan today? Just about to cycle Brooklyn bridge. It’s freezing.


STK or Old Homestead Steakhouse (known to have been frequented by the cast of Mad Men) are good as they are both in or near Meatpacking district and good for going out afterwards.