New York City the greatest city on earth?



I’m here too lads. Going to Scotty’s in the morning.

Post of the Year 2017



Are you supping in Syd Harkins?


You bollox I roared laughing at that


You’ll never top that. Log off and create a new alias. You’re done


That’s just brilliant. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I met the old italian and today In scotties. He alive and well. Heading to the brass monkey for the Irish game. Onto Maddison square garden then.


I didnt quite see the same level of humour in that as others. It wasnt a bad post but it just left me feeling meh. 24 likes is a great return tho.


Thank fuck (miraculously) it wasn’t followed by dozens of copycat efforts, it was decent.


Very content in myself giving that a well deserved no. 25


I hope gets a badge for that post


Stay out of the oirish bars @AppleCrumbled you see enough of them at home,pay heed to @briantinnion.And definitely don’t go up to woodlawn or McLean ave.


HERe in the brass monkey beautiful spot.


A Saturday night in NYC is the ultimate night out imo.I mind heading into Manhattan in a cab over the upper level of the 59th st bridge,the views were unrale,the possibilities to come were endless.It’s the greatest city in the world full stop.


You’d be feeling groovy




Got great coke in the Beauty Bar in Greenwich Village. Was pots and pans for days. I didn’t sleep in the city that never sleeps.