New York City the greatest city on earth?


Good spot in fairness. Got fairly messy in there many nights. Good rooftop too and not at all pretentious.

I’m watching in Legends. Shite enough bar but good for sawker.

I’m having a great weekend catching up with old pals.


I’m very disappointed to report on my first NBA experience in madision sqaure garden. I unfortunately managed to be sitting in front of four oIrish fools. One in a mayo jersey and three in rugby shirts. They done everything to be seen on camera/the big screen with ridiculous bellowing and chanting. They all had on what I’d call a paddy cap or as many now call them “peaky blinder caps”. These apes really pissed me off and I struggled to enjoy the action on the court.



You really cant be letting these lads effect your experiences on holiday mate.
They are an unfortunate part of life when you travel abroad and your reaction to them is as big a problem as their behaviour.

i’m pretty sure @Tassotti struggled with this when he hit the mainland first but you do learn to deal with it eventually.

I assume you didn’t make any eye contact or engage with these clowns?


“The day I flew back to Ireland I was heartbroken. When the pilot announced we were landing in Dublin I cried.”




Have two mates who did the Bar in NYC in their mid twenties. It was tough but they didn’t go ringing a newspaper about it. I don’t think they felt they were at a disadvantage cos they were 3,000 miles away - the course is the course.
Will wait for @artfoley’s view on this lady’s monumental and unique achievement.


Can’t be that difficult if it’s a correspondence course


The must dffiklt gourses in S anf C are by carrespandanfe




Expecisllay of yuvee fot fengers.




I’m seriously considering not getting on my flight home. New York has me now.


Well done to this woman but it’s not unheard of, Christ newspapers these days…


You wouldn’t be the first fella that done it.That’ll give your bird plenty of space.Lots of work in NY at the minute if your anyway handy with your hands.


Thinly veiled i was not good enough to get a traineeship in Ireland.

Plans on becoming a judge now in New York.

You couldn’t make it up.

I suspect What she will actually do is use the NY Bar qualification to try and qualify by transfer in Ireland.


He could scrub pots for food in Scotty’s diner


@AppleCrumbled and @Copper_pipe are different posters mate :wink:


Think another post from Scotty’s Diner would set us up nicely for an Ireland win later.


One of the auld italian lad with an Ireland jersey maybe


Too many legal grads in Ireland.