New York City the greatest city on earth?


He’d be like Stephen Rea from The Crying Game


They’ve two Mexican fellas washing the dishes there with years.


How do you know they’re mexicanos?


Sombreros, ponchos and moustaches on them.


Maybe they were speaking mexican


I imagine this playing in the kitchen as they worked away.


It’s UCD, NUIG, Trinity, or UCC; not a sniff in the door otherwise.


I thought she was going to say Jessica Pearson from Suits, she must be more of a Judge Judy fan.


In America you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it, it is one of the great countries of the world along with England


This is my all time favourite.


Looks like he took my advice :open_mouth:


We go again.

Eggs benedict florentine with a couple of bangers. Luckily I remembered to stop halfway through to take a pic so @labane1917 can run his critical eye over it.

Walking down west 39th street on the way to Scotty’s we even saw Vito Spatafore hawking some Sopranos memorabilia out the back of his car whilst chomping on a big cigar. Unreal.


You lucky bastard. Joes pizza is absolutely unreal and the pints are good in the brass monkey in the meatpacker.


say hello to Jocelyn in hooters in Madison square gardens


That’s Vito at the end of the Soprano’s tour. If you’re a fan of the Soprano’s (a big one) it’s an absolutely fantastic way to spend an afternoon.




Any man with an ounce of respect for himself never drinks pints in the states FFS.They’re fuckin rubbish and anyone that says otherwise hasn’t a notion.


An utter Muldoon comment. The pints might be different to what your used to in Oireland in Other counties but that doesn’t make them rubbish. I was stood a pint of Guinness in the brass monkey and it was as good a pint I’d had. I’d ususlly try local brands in other counties to embrace the culture a little and you normally find one or two that are fine.


Sure that simpleton probably never had a pint outside his local. I tend to avoid Guinness outside Ireland but to say you can’t get a decent pint is nonsense.


Bullshit.Pints in the stars are shit.End of.You haven’t a notion.You mus be a wean.