North Korea


Grand so.


That’s an informative and extremely well-written article right there.


I can see North Korea ceasing their actions now that the Oirish have told them to simmer down. I’d say Kim will be really quaking in his boots that the Oirish are watching him.


Coveney has put the whole country at risk.
Kim Jong didn’t even know we existed, now he’s going to Google us, realise we have no army and blow us up.


Surely the RDF would put the fear of God into him.


Is there any Irish bar in Pyongyang I wonder


I see DPRK succesfully tested a Hydrogen Bomb yesterday.
Reports in South Korea say the quakes caused by the test were nearly 10 times more powerful than those caused by previous tests.


Your worry here would be that North Korean missile technology would have a missile aimed at New York landing on baggot street.


Live missle tests by the south this morning in response. Things getting very tasty.


Any war ends in Seoul being destroyed and millions of casualties. Unless US engage in a pre-emptive nuclear strike which could drag in China. If North Korea attack then the regime is over.

Game theory suggests Sabre rattling…


I’m a big fan of that phrase
It’s most likely all posturing before a massive show of strength on Founders Day later this week. Things will probably petter out after that.



Is it wrong to be hoping this escalates?


I know you only have the best interests of the people at North Korea at heart


It’s already on an escalator to nowhere.




You fucking want some Japan? Cos I’ll give it to you.


Kim Jong should be running the HSE


Himself and Michael O’Leary would sort it right out


The PR photos would be epic