North Korea


Good and proper


He’s only gone and fucking done it again. Over the Japs heads with a missile. They are seething.


He’s a brazen bastard – in the face of the last few weeks, that’s an act of war…Does he have proper nukes/missiles up and running or is he bluffing? – as in the type that could level a major city or is it just the kind that would kill a few thousand? – I doubt these fuckers are up to speed with what the yanks or Russians have?


Theyd have 10 million dead in seoul with 45 mins, after that theyd be flattened but thats a helluva price


Would they have the tech to wipe out Seoul?? Or just cause a lot of damage? – Is losing Seoul acceptable if it means no white/western people are killed?


Yes/No, but in reality who knows. Bad hombres. Ive heard several US news sources state, straight faced, that a strike on seoul would be terrible because theres thousands of US troops and nationals there. Oh and 25 million or so south koreans.


He’s seems to be more or less there with regard to missiles, at least far enough to be dangerous to his neighbours. He’s also getting there with regard to strength the recent test was allegedly 250 kilotons which would be 17 times more powerful than Hiroshima, but he wouldn’t have much of a stockpile of weapons material yet.
But in context that’s nothing, the largest ever missile test by the Russians was 50 Megatons (and supposedly capable of 100 Megatons) which is 50,000 Kilotons or 200 times more powerful than the NK test. That was in the 1960’s so you can only imagine what they are capable of now if necessary. Although both have moved towards tactical Nuclear missiles since, as there are very few jobs that would need a 50-100 Megaton explosion and a missile that size is hard to manoeuvre (or at least would have been at the time).
Still though a couple of the 250 kiloton weapons in the middle of Seoul or Tokyo and 10s of millions would be evaporated.


Surely the Yanks & South Korea can shoot anything aimed at Seoul out of the sky.


North Korea has thousands upon thousands of artillery weapons pointed at Seoul, even if they could stop any nuke getting through to the city it would be leveled in three days (they reckon) by artillery.


War, children, it’s just a shot away


It’s a power keg waiting on a spark.


President Trump needs to launch a preemptive nuclear strike


He’s got his finger on the button


Dead right. And then they catch the nuke’s warhead as it falls on a big trampoline type thing.


The trampoline will fire it right back at North Korea


If we get the angles right, yes.


Not artillery shells. Supposedly they have 10,000+ artillery pieces in range of Seoul. That’s been the deterrent for decades, the nuclear deterrent is more recent.


President Trump needs to be decisive here and strike first, level the place


Question is if they have any shells for them


Somehow all the most ass backward brutal regimes manage to find the cash for munitions.