North Korea


A nuclear strike on China’s border. That should go well.


There is no military solution here. China are the ones who have the leverage to keep things in check. The danger is the risk of a NK nuclear missile launch that hits an unintended target.


Their artillery range reaches the northern parts of Seoul, so wouldn’t destroy Seoul by that alone. They also have a serious amount of conventional missile batteries pointed south and have stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons which they won’t hesitate to use. Their air force is fairly substantial but all Soviet era fighters which would be blown out of the sky pretty quickly.
The biggest advantage they probably have is a military with 1.2 million members, so a huge infantry which would swarm south very quickly, many through an extensive tunnel system.
Then of course they’re getting closer and closer to having the ability to deliver a nuclear weapon
The more the west threatens them, the more they’ll pour into the military and development of WMD’s. The oil sanctions are a bit of a joke as over a third if their oil imports go to the military and they have amassed well over a years worth. Even then, the state would divert everything to its first priority and let it’s people starve than affect its military machine.
What people haven’t realised here is that Kim Jung UN is a hereditary dictator in the most autocratic country in the world. His family history means he’s looking at things in a time frame of 50 years and couldn’t give two flying fucks about some circus act in Washington who will lose his job in three years. The lack of actual strategic thinking on the part of the west in this situation has been breathtakingly dumb.


North Korea’s infantry wouldn’t be worth a fuck in a war.


Hundreds of thousands of we’ll trained, fanatical troops willing to die for their glorious leader? I think they’d do very well in a war.


They would be made shit of by SK’s Air Force in a similar fashion to Saddam’s “elite” forces in both gulf wars. The days of infantry warfare are long over.


You haven’t a clue have you? 70% of the Korean peninsula is mountainous, hilly country, with only some arable land towards the east
It’s not the wide open spaces of the desert and there won’t be any duckshoot here
The fact that both forces will utilise tunnels as in the Korean war means air won’t be as effective against ground forces. The infantry will be a critical factor in any conflict on the peninsula


Fisty trying to come across as a military expert


If you think infantry is relevant in modern day warfare I’m afraid you are the one who is clueless. Terrain is irrelevant to modern day air based attack, it’s not the 1950s ffs.


Hmmm. Doubt it. They might be good at marching but they’ll be picked off very easily.


US would obviously defeat North Korea. Huge loss of life. However to subdue and pacify it the US then needs to invade it. Risk of another long drawn out war and China get twitchy if US now on its border.

War would mean regime change. So why would NK trigger that.

Risk may be somebody in US wants to try out s cyber or kinetic weapon on a NK missile test and NK overreact and fire off what they have.


I’m cringing for him. He’s probably been up all night plotting it out with a few toy soldiers on his kitchen table.


He should have brought in some reinforcements from the vegetable plot.


He’s something else. An Australian who thinks a crowd of thick Mick’s are not even alert to the fact that Kim Jung Un had a father and a grandfather before him who were in the job.


Classic @fisty, educating TFK from out in the greenhouse


The real risk is Kim Jong-Un setting up an official Twitter account and trolling Trump with it. Trump’s reaction is what’s most likely to start a war.


After they occupied Kuwait. And the Yanks were the only ones calling Saddam’s tinpot forces ‘elite’.


How has the air campaign gone in Afghanistan? A country full of mountains with extensive tunnel systems. Have the Taliban been subdued by American air power? Ifbthey have, then why is America sending an additional 5000 (probably more) troops there. Infantry troops.
How will your shock and awe air power go in urban areas?
If you think infantry have no place in modern warfare, you’re clearly not paying attention.
Some collection of brainless wonders you have supporting you there by the way.


I can just picture the scene in the greenhouse. Fisty strategically moving legumes around a snakes and Ladders board. Cursing savage


A well thumbed copy of Anthony Beevors “stallingrad” on the table