North Korea


thats a clamping


Trump called Kim Jong Un “Rocket man” earlier :joy:

“Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and his regime,”


He did that before in a tweet iirc. Kim will be seething.


He just did it in a speech to the UN there and the North Korean foreign minister sitting right in front of him.


Jesus when the pigeon gets back to North Korea there’ll be hell to pay.


Elton John will be over the moon!


What is the “Unated Nations”?


Countries called out by Trump in his first speech to the UN;
North Korea

Venezuela a late replacement for Iraq in the updated axis of evil. Iraq had to leave the band over creative differences.
Long term members Syria and Lybia have of course also left the band to spend more time at home.
Cuba can’t decide if it’s in or out of the band at this stage.


He had a nice oul not so thinly veiled cut off China as well. He’s a gas fucker.


The Axis of Evil speech Part Deux. A fairly pathetic attempt at the usual right wing tactic of scaring the fuck out of everyone and basing your entire administration on inventing enemies.
The Iran deal is a success, but he won’t certify that in October and we’ll go back to the previous situation of making war like noises about Iran and they’ll re-start their nuclear weapons program. Normalising relations with Cuba was a pretty obvious and reasonable thing to do, but that seems to be out the window now as well. I note that Russia wasn’t called out as a member of the really really bad hombres club. No mention of climate change of course, that would be a bit awkward.
We’re moving inexorably towards war with the DPRK. Trump knows his presidency is a huge failure, so what do you do? Start a war of course. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, will die. But if it means that he can tweet about destroying a country, then what odds.
Once again, America the aggressor. The US President telling the General Assembly of the UN that he will destroy a country is a low point.


How many of these will be Westerners?


Hilarious that he actually called him ‘Rocket Man’ in a speech at the UN.

I can’t see this amounting to anything. With two strongmen obsessed with showing their subjects how strong they are, anything is possible. But antagonising the Chinese is not what it was six decades ago. As much as the Bannon types want world war 3 with China, I doubt there’s much of an appetite for it.

In the broader scheme of things it’s all part of the so-called ‘pivot to Asia’, which is going to happen in the long-term one way or another.




China finally toeing the line on NK after realizing the cost of US isolation. All over bar a small outbreak of shouting.


How’s that now?


Numerous sources have reported that China’s central bank has instructed all banks in China to strictly adhere to UN sanctions.


Does the S&P downgrade have anything to do with it?


Doubt it, downgrade likely in the works for some time


Or backing Kim into a corner and forcing him to do something mental.