North Korea


Kim Jong-un says ‘mentally deranged’ Trump will ‘pay dearly’, hints at detonating H-bomb in the Pacific


Any American tourist deciding to go on a guided tour of North Korea now would want their head examined.





Good article in the Phoenix about Putin and his dealings with North Korea



We’ll have to invade


Paul Kehoe will sort this.


I thought Simon Coveaney had this in hand already.



The Yanks are trying to gear up for the whole Iran thing again anyway. There’s a decent chance North Korea will be off the news, if not the map, before the year is out.


He has a lot of irons in the fire at the moment, fighting with Turkey as well.
This Kurd independence thing could kick off a big blowout over there. Even though no one else is really on the Kurds side, the Saudi’s won’t be too happy with Iran & Turkey going to war in the region. (They aren’t easy bedfellows themselves either but are on the same side in Qatar thing currently).
If Iran come in against the Kurds the US could well row in behind them even if they haven’t shown them any support to date. The Russians will go in behind whoever suits at the time as well. The whole region is completely fucked. Just waiting for a spark. There’s a war coming and it would suit all the big players to have it fought by proxy in the Middle East.


A lot of freedom to be handed out.


US dont really want to rock the boat too much with Turkey w.r.t Kurdisatn but esentially they would love it, its an israel part 2 on steroids and will basically be an airbase for the US in the middle of desert
im not sure tho if the yanks could support the kurds, if they ever get a state which they no doubt deserve the ethic cleansing of the area will be something to behold, the kurds are animals, fearless bastards with a detestation of arabs and turks


Be like India and Pakistan all over again. Massacres left right and centre on both sides of the border


I have a Kurdish barber and he is a lovely chap.


it’ll be epic
a bit like many jews, kurds also see arabs as sub human and as a continual threat and have absolutely no problem in blowing the lot of them away if they cross their path. its just in their DNA.
you’d hear that best thing that happened to the Zionist movement when it started in early 20th century with Herzl, Ben Gurion , etc was the Holocaust as it radicalised the Ashkenanzim who to date are the worst settlers and the most extreme, well by fuck, wait till the kurds get it going, they’ve a rather large chip on their shoulders and with US backed artillery will wreak havoc …
same shit as israel, the have young hot girls on the front line fighting ISIS, you’ll see a huge repatritaion in the future also from abroad, possibly, this would take years of course


I thought the forum agreed that the Peshmerga are a great bunch of lads?


along with the IDF