North Korea


Ross Kemp was hanging out with a few of their women on the front line v ISIS - unreal


The Israelis are superb wums. You have to give them that.


be careful on AJ as its Qatar owned so im not sure where they sit with kurdistan and last month netanyahu kicked them out of jerusalem so there is a bit messing going on, but yes expect netanyahu to be a guest of honor in kurdistan and vive versa


It’s grand lads John Halligan is sorting it


Utterly ridiculous carry on


You have to ask yourself, what is there to lose


John, hopefully


John has decided its easier to try and sort out North Korea than try and deal with Waterford people.


As someone on the radio said, he couldn’t negotiate a cath lab for Waterford but he thinks he can resolve this


He was in South Korea in the last 12 months he said in an article i read. Maybe he liked the beer and women over there so much he wants to go back and take some of his mates with him.


This guy will sort it


An ex commy like him might have a chance.


That’s disappointing for any number of reasons.


Halligan called Boxer Moran an idiot last year. Boxer has been waiting in the long grass to get his revenge.


Is Minister Ross Ireland’s Dennis Rodman.


Dunno mate, doubt he has much game.


Pretty significant developments on North Korea.

After recent inter-Korean talks, South Korean security director Chung Eui-yong spoke at the White House this afternoon, and said the following… “Kim Jong Un told the South Koreans he is committed to denuclearization and pledged that North Korea will refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests. President Trump will meet with Ki, Jong Un in May with the goal of achieving permanent denuclearization on the Korean peninsula”.

It looks like Trump may have accomplished what every president since Clinton failed to do. Will be interesting to see if CNN and the rest of the mainstream media give him any credit, so far all that is being reported is that Trump has agreed to meet Kim Jong Un.


Outstanding diplomacy. President Trump deserves tremendous credit for this.


He has brought peace in our time


Donald is The GOAT.