North Korea


A deal maker . Now get him to Stormont.


Thank you Mr President.


To think this morning I read in the failing New York Times about the world’s fear that the US ha abandoned global leadership.

This is global leadership. Not a weapon fired.



Just a few posts on this outstanding achievement.

When Trump sneezes he seems to generate several dozen from the usual suspects.

I wonder why.

Maybe they just haven’t woken up yet?



You’re saying Trump is another Neville Chamberlain? :grin:


You’re very perceptive.


Perceptive, eh.

What I’m rather surprised about is how nobody has been perceptive enough to pick up on the role that President Moon of South Korea has played in bringing North Korea in from the cold, ie. he’s done it all pretty much all by himself. Trump has done precisely nothing.

For all his bombastic rhetoric, Trump has proved himself an absolute pushover here. Kim has played the madman theory of diplomacy excellently and has forced a US president to treat him as an equal, on Kim’s terms.

Trump will have a serious problem when Kim tells him he won’t be giving up any weapons.


Brilliant news. Well played President Trump.

It’s up their with the time he pulled Leeds Utd out of the hat to face Manchester United in the (5th)? round of the league cup back in 1991/92 *

*He may have pulled Manchester Utd out of the hat, it could have been a later round and it may have been 90/91 season.


Yeah sure thing, you’re just proving everyone’s point above but carry on.

Where’s the wall???
What about Russia???


Eh, Russia were not involved in the league cup, mate — and the Pennines are not a wall as such…

I’m not sure what point i’m proving really but i’ll take the kudos anyway.


That was a BIG tie as Leeds and Manchester United were and would remain the top two in that season’s Division 1 championship.

Trump draws all the biggest ties.

An outstanding achievement, in association with Rumbelows.


Oh. My. God.

They’re going to have a massive argument about this, aren’t they?

“I made the best draw.”

“No, I made a better draw.”

“You talk shit! My draw was better!”

“Your draw was shit! You drew Shrewsbury Town and Macclesfield!”



Pretty much what I was going to say. It’s amusing to see the trump dangle berries scratching around for some good news as he does his best to destroy his own economy which was going so well on the back of Obama’s excellent economic management.
Trump doesn’t even have an ambassador in South Korea. They’ve done this. The DPRK meanwhile are laughing their holes off after wumming like champions over the last few years.


lay off the homemade porter mate


Everything bad is Trump’s fault.

Everything good is because of someone else.

People have lost all perspective.



Kim doesn’t seem so insane now, eh? :grin:

This was a pretty shit prediction.


He hasn’t a clue. He was spruiking the whole air air war only required line. Not even the Pentagon believes that.


But you see Tim, that perspective is there because its true.


Massive population of Koreans in New Malden, both from the north and the south, they credit Donald Trump with this progress