North Korea


You come across as somebody whose feelings have been hurt over this.

Chocolate is nice because of Trump.

I can’t believe he doesn’t get the credit he so rightly deserves for this.


Can you give us an idea of the numbers of Sourh and North Koreans living in New Malden and who has carried out polling on them in such a short timeframe? Surely they would have been too busy worling in sweatshops to send currency back to the dear leader to have time for such frivolity?


around 20,000 in total


No it’s utter bollocks.

Your narrative is that the economy is Obama’s work and North Korea is the South’s.

Let’s look at the reality. Trump did take over a stabilized economy (far more so than Obama did), but he has put his stamp on it. The Trans Pacific Trade deal, he pulled out of it. He got his tax bill through.

If the markets and economy truly feared these things they would have reacted in negative ways. Not in the seismic manner they have like with Brexit, but something.

They haven’t. The US economy has been going very well.

The full results of Trump’s economy are yet to be seen, but you can’t just say he has nothing to do with it.

On North Korea- Trump has actually projected US power in a constructive way. He has pointed out the reality that the US could put NK back to the Stone Age if it wanted. He did fire a shot, but he didn’t hide behind some bollic like strategic patience. They have pushed through sanctions. Today he made the very brave step to agree to the first recognised meeting ever.

Let’s consider if Obama did that. Now I don’t for one moment doubt the Republicans would shit on him just like with Iran, but the mainstream press would no doubt be fawning. People mention Obama visiting Cuba like it’s something incredible when in reality it was visiting a neutered country which lost its geopolitical influence over 25 years ago.

Trump I am sorry to say to Obama fans, inheirited a foreign policy mess. Under Obama, Putin brought Russia back to the fore. ISIS were a menance and the Middle East as big a mess as it had ever been. North Korea continued to grow as a threat to worldwide stability.

This is a brave move by him but he still gets shit on.

Once upon a time people gave some kudos or some reasonable analysis when a President did something major. Teddy Roosevelt’s foreign exploits. Nixon visiting China. Clinton helping bring peace to Northern Ireland. Partisan politics.

It’s embarassong to see a chap in his mother’s basement who has never been there engaging in it.


These snowlfake types are too thick and become too entrenched in their idiotic positions, they lack any level of critical thinking, Trump has used Nixon’s madman approach and it has worked


They only see being nicey nice as the approach. It leads to this sort of shit.



where is that sneary little twerp @Watch_The_Break now, doesnt he always have a link to an article that nobody ever opens or a Simpsons meme followed by a smiley every time Trump goes outside the box.
no sign of him today.


'Tis gas all the same to see Little Timmy so ecstatic at Trump caving in entirely to the North Koreans and agreeing to meet with no preconditions, when he tried so hard to denigrate Obama’s olive branch to Cuba and the Iran deal, which Trump has done his best to undermine.

It’s almost like he hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about.

There are a lot of hurt feelings among the Trumptards here this morning.


If HRC had won that election there would have been mayhem


I’m listening to the radio here and they are full of praise for President Trump


Tim does have a clue what he’s talking about. He presents well thought out and structured arguments. I don’t agree with a word of it, but I’d respect his position as I don’t think he buys into the populist billshit and would be as disgusted as the rest of us at the racism, misogyny and proud stupidity of this administration
He’s concentrating on results and trying to put a right wing narrative on it. Fair enough.
The rest of them, little boys creaming themselves that someone in power is validating their own disgusting prejudices and hatred.


Trump put the fear of god into rocketman and dragged him to the table


The tweet where Trump spelled out to Jong Un that he had a bigger button than him and that his actually worked scared the bejaysus out of him.


He really hasn’t.

He’s an articulate fool with no ability to construct a post which strays outside the box of the partisan ® defending persona he’s decided to adopt on this forum.

Given that Trump and the Republicans have decided to take stupidity, kleptocracy and outright lying to a new and unprecedented level, they utterly destroy the credibility of anybody who decides to take the stance Timmy has taken, as to defend the regime, you have to defend those things.


he gets the job done. and that drives the losers demented.


It’s a results business. Trump had the acumen and cunning to send rocket man packing


The American Economy is booming and North Korea have been put in their place, President Trump is doing a great job


I didn’t.

I pointed out what Cuba was. Cuba is an unimportant country geopolitically which elements of the US are still bitter about, hence the delay. In the grand scheme of things, it was quite unimportant. If he had really delivered meaningful change, we would have seen Democratic elections there and not the persistence of one family rule.

On Iran. I have given him credit and would agree the Republicans shouting at him was partisan nonsense. I’m also not a fan of Trump moving back towards Saudi Arabia and breaking that election promise. The deal with Iran was fundamentally flawed though and there wasn’t any real and meaningful recalibration of US support in the Middle East.

Overall though, it’s a poor legacy. “Strategic patience” was a crock of shit which mostly amounted to kicking the can down the road while trying to be nice. Except he also intervened at times, including in Libya, which was just more messy interference in the region. At least Bush had a stated strategy.

Obama laughed at Romney in 2012 about Russia. It is embarrassing to look back on.

We are yet to see the full impact of Trump’s foreign policy but he deserves credit here.

The only person who is upset is yourself. I actually think you’d prefer war here or greater nuclear proliferation, just so your team can win.


I’m not a bit upset, Timmy. I actually happen to think it’s quite good that the presidents of North Korea and the US will talk to each other.

You clearly are upset, hence your bleating earlier about people not giving Trump credit.

But here’s the thing. Credit for what?

Trump has played no role whatsoever in this bar accepting a meeting with Kim with no preconditions. All the legwork has been done by South Korea and to a lesser extent China. Trump has violated his own “red lines” and it’s a monumental and hilarious backtrack on his part. All the bluster has been shown up for the nonsense it is. Kim is quite obviously the one who has got what he wanted here - far from being the madman he wants others to think him as, he has played his cards very well and used a clear strategy to gain the upper hand over Trump. Trump on the other hand has no strategy.

You can’t have it both ways about Cuba. On the one hand you talk about how Cuba is an unimportant country, and then on the other, you denigrate Obama for not delivering “meaningful change”. Obama was under no obligation to “deliver” anything as regards Cuba - it’s not in his gift to decide how Cuba runs itself. He only had to improve relations with them and he did that.

Trump has ruined these relations again, as he has with Iran. That’s not an achievement, it’s a serious black mark against him.

And then, on the one hand you point admiringly to Romney warning about Russia and criticise Obama, yet you neglect to mention that Obama implemented sanctions against Russia in 2014 and 2016 and that Trump is in Russia’s pocket!

Under Trump, Russia is effectively running the White House and used their influence to veto Romney as Secretary of State! :grin:

You couldn’t make it up.

Deary me. This is what I’ve reduced you to.


Fantastic, we don’t need to go any further then. Thanks for admitting that.