North Korea



For yonks all the Trumptards have been blustering for war with North Korea and never once said they wanted talks.

And now that talks are scheduled, and on Kim’s terms, not Trump’s let’s remember, they backtrack spectacularly, just so they can be seen to be agreement with Trump.

When one idiot in the White House jumps, the idiots here say “how high?!”

It’s fascinating to watch.


Say what you like about Trump but he’s played a blinder here. Be some achievement to bring stability to that peninsula.


Blah blah blah.

You said this is a good step. The end.


No attempt to respond, as ever.


Thanks for proving my point.

You’ve tied yourself up in a grand little knot - almost Blane McIlroy-esque.


Trump can take credit for this in a way but not really the way he’d like. The south realising they were on their own, as Trump is an absolute lunatic, sensibly decided they better do something about North Korea before they were invaded.
Kim is the real winner here. He has the nukes and now the South are about to bend over backwards for him and offer him all sorts of incentives


Deary me. What a loon.


He sure is, mate, he is. :grin:

Not sure what that makes you.

Just an illiterate, thick cunt, I’d say.


Any evidence for this claim Putin is effectively running the White House? You should probably share this with the authorities, mate. Check out Homeland also, it’s a good show. I must warn you though, it is not real, similar to your bizarre delusions, they are not reality based.

Trump having some success in NK driving you even further over the edge, you’re good value to laugh at in fairness.


Destroy his own economy?

You really are clueless. 330,000 jobs added in March, the highest in six years. Small companies, who do most of the hiring, feeling more confident due to lower taxes and elimination of moronic regulations.

Carry on with the delusion.


Ah look, it’s a performing seal :grin:


Kim Jong has stated he won’t be conducting anymore missile tests.

What outstanding international diplomacy from Donald Trump




Trump is not a neocon by nature, thats a great result in fairness.

Obama or Hillary certainly wouldnt or havent achieved it.


We are not worthy.


ISIS destroyed
North Korea abandoning its nuclear ambitions
Russia declawed by targeting the oligarchs
France back on board as an ally

Trump has accomplished more in just over a year than 16 years of the past two clowns.


Trump is a good guy more than he’s bad, the midterm elections in November are key for him.

Id love to see him end the pretend new cold war with Putin.


He’s an unreal diplomat


I love the way he gets things done in such a quiet understated manner.


Trump will have a few of them hopping around like sausages in the frying pan this morning with his international diplomacy


The visit to the UK is back on. He’ll be staying with the Queen in Balmoral.