North Korea


He’s obviously a bit of a cunt and his Twitter carry on is ridiculous but you have to hand it to him he’s been a brilliant president.


His greatest success has been his tackling of the snowflake problem


Man-made climate change isn’t a good thing, mate.

Sea level rise will mean most of Galway is underwater, for a start.


Very good. The change in the Atlantic current means galway, and oireland, will be inhospitable long before the seas rise anyway. Again the don isnt helping that situation, but theres nowt he can do about global overpopulation. Or maybe there is…


Agreed on most if that but Putin destroyed isis


Fair play to Kim Jong in all this as well, I always said he was a good Un.


Just goes to show if the yanks might fuck off out everyone’s business things will sort themselves out by and large


Fantastic diplomacy and result by the government of South Korea, especially when you take the bumbling, blithering mess that US “diplomacy” by tweet is these days. Thats the way it is gone I suppose.


North korea not too important, very controlled by the us government. They couldn’t give a shit about them. Thousands upon thousands anti missile counter measures are surrounded the NK coast. It’s like fucking canaan back in the day…Fucking air craft carriers that could bomb kim back to Tim buck Fucking two. Putin is the only danger to any democracy. Likes to land grab, and will probably make a big move this year again.


No point explaining that to the pretend commies.


Why didn’t South Korea do it for the past 50 years? WIth supposed US support.

(for effect) you stupid cunt.


You’re clearly drunk but when you wake up tomorrow afternoon, I’d suggest a little light reading on the Pentagons assessment of immediate millitary success in the DPRK.


You’re clearly drunk.


Rocket Man is a man of peace


Incredible scenes. He’s some Un for Un Un.


When is the Nobel Peace Prize handed out? It will have to be a joint award to President Trump, Kim and President Jae-In at this rate.


@labane1917 @Tim_Riggins

I am genuinely at a loss as to why this sudden change of heart within such a short space of time by the North Korean administration. Can any of ye enlighten me as to why this has occurred?


It’s the old carrot and the stick.

Nobody will say it out loud but it kind of suits everyone geopolitically leaving it as is.


He has leverage. He has a nuclear weapons now they want him to give up and they’ll give him something in return.
The other thing is neither China nor Russia want a nuclear power on their border so you can be sure they’ve told him as much and he’s short on friends as it is.
TBF to the North Koreans if you look at it from their point of view the US are constantly doing war exercises on their border. Can you imagine if the Russians or Chinese were doing war exercises in Mexico what would happen. They are still sour with the Cubans and that was over half a century ago


Chinese intelligence say that the underground testing site has collapsed and they can no longer test. I wonder if the the collapse was an accident?