North Korea


that’s not a good image


Whats going on in the world or US that North Korea is a distraction for? I’ve not heard anyone mention gun laws in a while.


Norin’s lost half a dozen laptops and a couple of hard drives.


And funnily enough the stuff that was handed over produced o evidence of conspiracy against McCabe.


Funny how gun laws are a world issue but nuclear weapons are a distraction.



You should offer your services to the trump administration


Rocket man wants to keep his rockets. Says it’s a deal breaker. Trump will look like some mug after all his clapping himself on the back. His celebrations without anything signed would have led you to believe it was a done deal.


Everything is under control.


Hardly. Pretty fucking stupid for them to go ahead with wargames while the dear leader is making nice.


Whos going ahead with the wargames? The US?


Yes and the South Koreans