North Korea


Fisty would have been drooling if Obama had such a diplomatic coup.


Tubs utterly seething on the wireless .


The snowflakes are reeling over this.


Wasn’t one of his beloved Oirish Democrats.


Looks that way .


Donald has probably invited Kim to a round in Doonbeg - during the Willie Clancy week.
Just when you thought things couldn’t get zanier in West Clare.


Get Pecker up from Killadysert to caddy and we’re set. If the wind gets up off Atlantic Kim may struggle to break 20.


Tubs thought he was hilarious with the Trump impersonations



Maybe trump will manage something similar in Iran and tidy up Obama’s mess there


Trump is an approachable man you got to give him that. Obama and Clinton must be looking at him with their mouths open.


Trump is a business man, a deal maker. Clinton was a lawyer, Obama an academic.


He is a deal maker . HRC and Obama are both lawyers .


Albert Reynolds did serious deals too and took risks . Business men like to things done .


Obama was an incompetent dishonest short-termist prick. He should have been impeached


Can’t tell if you’re being serious or not! Assuming you are…impeached for what?


Arming Iran, doubling the American deficit, buying votes, backtracking on his stance on gender identity in schools to play to the campus vote, hillary…


Shaney doesn’t like the blacks.


Okay you’re taking the piss. Good to know. All that stuff is run of the mill for US presidents anyway. None of them got impeached.


Disgusting post