Off the Ball on Newstalk


How much did he score?


A wonderful story but the fact that Regan can still speak annoys me, pal.


Fuck all.


A self-promoting, pig ignorant cunt.


Was it faughs they played with?


Offaly produced easily the worst teams in the country the Clare development squads came up against. I saw an U-14 game between the two counties one night that had two of the 90s Offaly stars involved in a management capacity. An hours worth of roaring and screaming about pulling on the ball was a fair indication of why they are so far behind everyone else.

Offaly have a tiny pick to begin with. They can’t afford anything less than the very best standard of coaching if they want to be competitive at the top level.


Spot on.
Developments squads ain’t worth a fuck without good coaches.


More might be expected of Sheedy as it’s inter-county but this is the way modern GGA has gone on the club scene apparently. “Hurling men” being involved with teams in several different counties and taking the coin to take training on every third Thursday of the month with a senior team in Carlow, every second Monday with an intermediate team in Offaly, not to mention Friday nights with some other crowd in Wexford and so on. Cunts barely recognising the players they’re meant to be training and being around for fuck all, if any, matches.


I’ve seen some excellent coaches on the training field who were stone useless on the line on match day.


All these types are welcome with open arms in Limerick gaa.


Two different skill-sets completely sure.

Coaching a team, coming up with drills etc can be thought about over a number of days…reading a game from the line over 60 mins is a different cattle of fish especially when different scenarios occur that are unexpected…best player gettin injured or sent off for example.

You need both, or two lads for that to be successful even in Junior hurling.


Erin’s Hope. The student teachers team.


Ah right. I was wondering. I couldn’t remember them playing in Dublin.


who did you hurl for back in the day?


Regan played with Faughs for a bit too.


Anyone feel like having a chat with Liam Sheedy


How much did he get for answering a few questions on twitter? Did anyone ask him that?


I had a look at the hashtag, all arselicking roasters with banal questions. He answered about 7 or 8 before they shut it down.


Probably didn’t help that there was a Liam from One Direction Q&A going on at the same time. Shocking confusion with the boys answering each other’s questions no doubt.


The state of "angry producer " mick. He is gone to