Off the Ball on Newstalk


Isn’t Gilroy a part owner of ballsdotie?


Yep.have a look at the website and that mick joker


Woolly like a cunt banging on about the next Leix match going to Nowlan Park :laughing:


Eddie O’Sullivan on now talking about ‘buzz and the jizz’.
Fucking bugby deviants.


One of the commentators mentioned KPIs and sport expert Joe Molloy had to ask him what it meant. What a clown.


Are they like Choc Dips?


Joe Brolly cleaning house on Off the Ball now. :clap::clap:




Ah he’s tremendous.

He loves mugging off Jimmy McGuinness.


and he is right bud


What’s he saying?


McGuinness came out with some article in the Irish Times saying that game is facing ruin because of the way teams play nowadays. Citing Roscommon v Galway in particular.

Brolly steamed in - “the word irony doesn’t even come close to describing McGuinness bemoaning the ills of modern day football.”

He went on to swear a couple of times even. “The game is just pure shit!!”

Nothing Brolly hasn’t said before but it never gets old listening to him.


Joe Brolly knows the score,I seen the mcguinness headline earlier today online and assumed it was some kind of Waterford Whispers piss take,he’s got some balls on him coming out with that kind of shite


McGuinness has an ego the size of Donegal.

He’s a real piece of shit to be honest, the petty, narcissistic digs at the likes of Rory Gallagher and Kevin Cassidy make him an extremely creepy person.


Davy Fitzgerald was in great form earlier.

Clare will beat Galway.


he got well riled after that though over the way the game is going. worth a listen back! that idea on the rule change is a good one it would certainly make it more direct but would it allow for more kicking i’m not so sure. Teams that play in the way he was talking about would maybe revert to type if they won the ball bringing players back or just afraid to kick it / take a chance when going forward .A restriction on the amount of hand passes maybe…


Just leave the game be, let the managers figure it out.


Disagree. The game is a shambles. Needs rule change to open it up and make it entertaining again.


These rules changes serve only to slow the game down further.

The biggest problem with the game now is the gulf between the teams, not the quality of football on display.

Rule changes will do nothing to narrow the gulf in class.


Two average teams like Galway and Roscommon should be able to produce an entertaining game of football, but cough up pure shite, conditions aside. No gulf in class there but both putting every man behind the halfway line when in defence.