Off the Ball on Newstalk


As bad as the game was I’d rather watch the replay than Dublin butchering Westmeath next week.


When that doesn’t happen are you going to finally shut up about them?


very true and at the moment thats only the dubs. the other 2/3 could beat each other and ge to an a1 final. something needs to be done if galway and ros have it in their mindset to think and play negatively


Definitely. Shit tight games are always better than hammerings in gaelic football


If it annoys you I’ll keep doing it.


He joinded Celtic the day after we bet barca. Now they are losing to lincoln red imps


Just listening to an OTB podcast from last night here. I know it’s not news here but Graham Hunter is one serious UUCOAM.


Big interview with retiring rubby legend Mike Ross on OTB tonight. Apparently that lad only started to play rubby age 26. @gilgamboa




Thanks for the heads up. Absolutely incorrect in your fact around his age mate but decent effort all the same #playingtothegallery


I’m only repeating what the man said on the Radio.


You are not you rogue


I don’t want to get into a Nembo Kid type situation with you. Let’s listen and hear what the fat bastard has to say for himself later on.




Go shit in your hat.


Mike Ross played rugby from a young age with Fermoy, then UCC, then cork Con then Harlequins before moving back to Leinster. Save yourself the bother of listening in


Just watching the Six One Sports News and Ross’ team-mate Jack McGrath was interviewed and paid tribute to him - he said it was incredible for Ross to have become an international player despite not taking up rugby football until he was 27.


Thank you for the confirmation.


Don’t thank me, thank Jack McGrath.


But now we have two sources confirming the story. Your’s from the National Broadcaster and mine from Newstalk. They can’t all be wrong.