Off the Ball on Newstalk


Ross was an athlete, hope he doesn’t let himself go upon retirement.


I can confirm that Ross played rugby in UCC and he wasn’t a mature student.




Jack may have said it. Doesn’t make it true.


He was a candidate for the gastric band when he was in college. I’d say 1.5 times his current size


Obviously not if he started dabbling in rubby.


Are you guys counting tag rugby football by any chance? That could be the root of the confusion.


Pal you are just #playingtothegallery now. It’s unbecoming.


He is a techy guy apparently. Maybe he started playing rubby on the playstation?


Molloy said he (Ross) worked in a lab up to his mid 20’s.




The big interview starts in eight minutes.


Well have a load of rugby haters now tuning in especially and hanging on the every word of an overweight journeyman just to score a point. :joy:


The tension is almost unbearable. It’s akin to the wait for the post-Saipan Tommie Gorman / Roy Keane interview.


The sooner they get onto the interview and finish this gaylord banter about good looking men the better.


You know they are wrong. I know they are wrong. But there is little enough he can say in this interview that will convince the lads I feel


Truth. All those concussions render their utterances as reliable as a mental patient’s.


By fuck if this fattie confirms he indeed started playing the game at 26/27 to a competitive level (as in making an effort at it) then we’ll run this gilgamboa cunt off the board…


When was that mentioned before now?

He turned pro at 25 or 26 he played club rugby for cork Con and UCC for years before that and played underage before college


Would competitive be classified as more or less serious than u13 C