Off the Ball on Newstalk


Talking about data protection now. Even spelt the name of the company out there.

Christ, he’s a dull cunt. The accountants on here have nothing on him.


The rugby goys are backtracking like fuck already :laughing:


Correct. Mike has earned 300k a year for doing something he enjoys the accountants on here don’t have anything on that


He’s on about his enormous appetite now


That’s not a Ballyhooly accent there.


The lads are gone quiet


Shit, he’s nervously telling a shitty anecdote now, they’ll be back


Bantz galore now with an anecdote about traveller apologist Trevor Hogan.


Boredom Dan, boredom.


Sad about his brother in fairness, tough going




Did he eat him?


Did we get closure, guys?




What happened him?


Suicide at 16




In that case probably prudent to rely on his team-mate, the national broadcaster and Ireland’s biggest commercial radio group when it comes to the age he took up rugby football.


Who was the Dub footballer on off the ball last night I only caught the end of it?


Cian O S