Off the Ball on Newstalk


It’s cringe mate


That’s the “Crappy Quiz” @thedancingbaby. It’s about as bad as radio can get.


Surely Kilbane doesn’t need OTB ?


Is it a regular part of the show Fagan?


Every Friday night. When Parkinson used to be on it he used to get thick as shit over it. Pathetic segment.


Same time every Friday. Same shite every Friday.


Going through a divorce but he can’t be that hard up


He is everywhere so can’t see why he works on that shit


The over the top laughing if someone gets a question wrong. Fuckin dweebs


Nearly as bad as the circle jerk they have over every single fucking interview they do.


What’s his game? He must be fair hungry. It’s hard to switch on the TV or radio where he’s not on it.


FAO of @Brimmer_Bradley - some posters criticising broadcast journalists here.


the quiz…
yeah Gilroy purring away telling us how he was on “joe” earlier as the gimps guffaw with laddish banter
i had it on before that driving to tallaght and Aisling Thompson was giving an interview
she was great to be honest, especially when she was talking about decking people on the pitch, id say she’s a decent sort
she was then talking about a coach that i could swear was @caoimhaoin
she was well able for Gilroy also


I doubt it, i think that was Flannery. Ashling is a very alright sort. A lovely girl underneath it all.
She is looking great to be fair. And i mean that in a healthy way.


He seems to love a punt and from what I’ve heard of his picks he’s fairly shit at it


By the way, the girl who said those extremely nasty things to our Ashling, she was/is from Wexford. And she is very well known as well.


Sorry for your troubles


The circle jerk they had last week discussing good looking men was plain disturbing.


Maybe George fitzgibbon? Didn’t he mentor her straight through from juvenile.


Aisling is a great bit of stuff, a lovely girl to buy a pair of football socks off as well. No surprise whenever I read the type of weak cunt who is intimidated by a strong woman.