Off the Ball on Newstalk


The Kk girls have been sending Ashling home with her tae in a mug lately . That said she is a likeable sort .


She must come across better on radio than she does on TV. Has she dropped the Bressie craic?


Avoid every Friday. At all costs.


You must not remember the producer fella. Mike or something. Pig shit ignorant.


Let it go.


Better things have come my way


is she kind of milking that one tho kev?
me, you and a of lads here have played sport at various levels, even refereed
that stuff would be normal enough at AUL or juniorB level, FFS the abuse given to referees…
granted it was a low comment and im sure there was a lot of nasty shit going on in that game she describes, but FFS ,
look fair play to her , she’s certainly doing well for herself out of it

have we all gone soft tho?
i must find that article from Jonatan Wilson where there was an interview with Sinisa Mihailovic , he gave us an insight into a dialog with him and igor stimac during a Red Star/Hadjuk game

A week later Zvezda played Hajduk Split in the Yugoslav cup final. Hajduk won 1-0 but the game was at least as notable for the clash between Mihajlovic and Igor Stimac, now the coach of Croatia. “In one moment we were face to face,” Mihajlovic later revealed. “He leaned to me and said, his voice full of hatred, ‘I pray to God your whole family in Borovo gets murdered!’ At that moment I could have killed him with my teeth…” Mihajlovic made a series of bad fouls on Stimac and in the end both were sent off. Stimac and he have been sworn enemies ever since. “Here is a man who spread lies about me, such as that I was gay; he also said he could strangle me with his bare hands,” Stimac said. “But his mother is Croatian, his wife Italian, he married and baptised his children in a Catholic [as opposed to Serb Orthodox] church. I realise he has to try twice as hard as anyone else there to prove his allegiance to Serbia – but they will never accept him, no matter how much he carries Arkan’s picture around.”

its so good its worth a read. ive read it about 10 times its so good


some story. Christ.


KIlbane is on 5live right now and doing MOTD tonight. Don’t understand why he is hanging around with the Newstalk jokers. Unless he is getting cleaned out with the divorce.


He was on football focus earlier as well. He must be stuck for money


Pundits can be shit canned quick enough for the latest retiree, make the money while you can.


Kevin on MOTD tonight . Good luck to him.


George is a lovely man, but it was definitely Flannery.
While he may have helped her one would have to wonder about the motivation considering everything else that went on.




Before anyone asks for details i’m not going into it, its pretty common knowledge in camogie/gaa circles. But lets say it took a long whike for the next manager to put things back together after Flannery.


Just listened to the interview there. Probably a nice girl alright but not a good interviewee really. Interview was about a half hour and about 10 minutes of actual content in there.

Gas that the two most high profile women in the GAA are clubmates. And couldn’t be more chalk and cheese if you were making it up. Do they get on? I know who id prefer to go on the piss with anyway


I know plenty down in Milford. Them girls are tight out they wouldn’t be gossiping


I did a bit of work with George before and still keep in contact with him. The man is a genius as far as I’m concerned and very dedicated to his job.
A nice guy too.


Not particularly.
And you are right. They are completely different in every way that i saw anyway (not much tbf in regards blondie)


I have huge time for George. He laid the foundations for Mike and me with that team. He is a gent and has a wealth of knowledge and education.
We were room mates for the AI.