Off the Ball on Newstalk


Ok guys. Joke over

No more talking about girls sports


It is a Cork situation


Donners, Drico, Woody and Johnny Sexton are on tonight!!!


A limerick loss, united loss and dodgy to tune into this could finish him


He’d better be careful twiddling his knob. (On his radio).


Super show. Tuned in there at one point when Jonny was telling us in detail about getting his gear ready for the morning. Another time Woody was regaling us with tales about kicking a ball in a Test match.


Woody must have picked that up from all the GGA he played.


They had a quiz tonight. Decent prize. Trip to the Champions league final. Fella was asked a question.

In what European City was the 1992 Olympics held?

Eh Australia.


There is a show on RTÉ 2 Game on I think it’s called with Hugh Cahill and in fairness it knocks OTB into a cocked hat for sheer catness.




Its absolutely tragic. I presumed it was some sort of “comedy” from Oliver Callan for a long time.


Tony O’Donoghue had a big role in it. I was thinking of you.


That means a lot to me.


Jamie Clarke is an interesting character, not your typical nordie thug/Shawshank redemption steak and chip loving footballer.


It wasn’t coffee worshipping fashionista hipsters that had the Brits scurrying in south Armagh ,


We can safely assume he’s not in the RA


Tiocfaidh ar latte .


I’d say he’s gay probably


Ffs, Why don’t you throw a non committal ‘I suppose’ in there too for good measure.


I suppose