Off the Ball on Newstalk


Davy on newstalk now so he is


Kimmage going crazy on newstalk giving out about Gavin


What about Gavin is he giving out about?


He has criticised his lack of joy on occasion.


The immediate lack of emotion at the full time whistle was very strange. Not as much as even a fist pump. Walked calmly down the sideline as if it was an O’Byrne Cup game in January.

Each to their own anyway.


Pot and kettle stuff there. Kimmage is a miserable bastard.


I think so. However Gavin not celebrating wins publically is all a bit Rudyard Kipling.


Joe was shitting himself the whole way thru that kimmage rant. When mentioned blue eyed boys Alan Brogan and mark o se I thought joe was gonna cut to ads.


The fact he’s a complete miserable bastard, which is completely hypocritical. Also why would you even bother bringing Cluxton to a post match press conference. Reckons Gavin was completely disrespectful to Rotherford and Mayo in the press conference. That was the general jist of it


Ha when Joe mentioned the fact he was out coaching under 9s the next day as a very important point. Thought Kimmage was going to open him.


What relevance had that roared Kimmage… poor auld joe afraid of his life he’ll never get another Dublin player to talk ever again to him


Twas great radio. I was tempted to text in support of Gavin just to rile Kimmage further. Jesus he was seething


Kimmage was trotting out the same spiel in the Indo today. He really is a miserable bastard.


kimmage is a rat


Kimmage is a self important prick but he has a point here. Gavin is a joyless cunt who speaks like a corporate drone saying fuck all about fuck all. The fucker is from Clondalkin. No one in Clondalkin speaks like that.

He has the players afraid of their lives to express an opinion or offer an original thought in interviews. Most of the players with an odd exception are bright and articulate and would be well able to express an honest opinion without any fuss


He’s winning All Irelands to veat the band. Doubt he gives a fuck what people think of him.


Judging at the paranoia in his media dealings he seems to care a lot what people think of him and his team


Kimmage is 100% correct this time. Gavin is so joyless he makes Cody look like the class clown.


It’s no surprise a cerebral gentleman like Jim doesn’t resonate with the Muldoons. Most of the lads on here would much rather some fat roaster, with his gut hanging over his belt and a red face, roaring abuse at his players on the sideline.

Gentleman Jim was already plotting 4 in a row and tending to some work matters when most of his Culchie counterparts would have been getting locked out of their faces and pissing in their trousers.


He understandably got annoyed about Connolly being fingered by Pat Spillane (ooh matron) on TSG. Other than that I don’t remember too much out of the ordinary in his dealings with media. No onus on him to be cooperative with them anyway.