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I rang home from America. The mother answered the phone, said the auld boy couldn’t talk to me, that he was bawling over the win. We slagged him for years over it. He was unrepentant.

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Look at the bodies thrown on the ground.

There was a plucky underdog vibe to the 99 team which them so admirable.

Daylight robbery

They were going somewhere no English team had gone in a generation, at a time when the English league was FAR from the best in the world. No comparison between winning that CL and teams winning them in the past 7-8 years (since the great barca team broke apart).

What a load of rot.

You didn’t have teams as dirt as Spurs, Ajax, AC Milan etc making the semi finals back then. The expansion of the competition should have stopped with runners up.

7 years ago today Harambe was murdered :gorilla:

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A great scene, you knew they were proper fucked then. Of course he was killed with an auld bit of metal afterwards

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They ruined that show.

TBF, there was no way to end it. But it definitely wasn’t the way they did end it

Fantastic scene. One of the best. Up there with Battle of the Bastards and the Red Wedding.


When they pulled the dragon out of the lake was a great scene as well.

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Yep, top top telly there too.

I’ve replicated 3 previous generations of Boxtys in reaching the 50 years of wedded bliss*

A wee family gathering among ourselves is all it’s going to be in the circumstances. Were thing’s different the Slieve Russell wouldn’t have contained us.
Her father said that I couldn’t have done much better and she couldn’t have done much worse…:wink:

  • Poetic licence being used loosely here.

Comhghairdeas mór libh

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Comhghairdeas libh :+1::clap::clap::clap:

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Hon Boxty👏

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Fair play @Boxtyeater you’d have been out for murder three times at least at this stage.

Some going

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