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Some lads expect it to last forever. We don’t have to be where we are but that was truly a once in a lifetime. Too many PlayStations now, too many lads who want it handed to them. Dunphy was right.


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That was proper hurling.

I get a feeling of deja vu when watching that match.

Winning that match was some booby prize for Waterford.

Six weeks sitting on their arses, no John Mullane and Kilkenny in the semi-final.

They could instead have coasted through to an All-Ireland final by beating a poor Tipp team, Antrim and Wexford, with Mullane playing.

They didn’t “coast” to victory against Wexford the year before.

Cork routed Wexford in the 2004 semi-final. It’s fair to say Waterford traditionally made heavy weather of Wexford alright and I’ve probably over egged it because Waterford were not Cork. Waterford were a much better team in '04 than in '03 though and would likely have beaten Wexford by at least comfortable single figures, if not double figures. What is definitely fair to say is that an All-Ireland semi-final against Wexford in which Waterford would have had John Mullane because (as far I recall) his suspension was match based would have been a far more winnable proposition than going in cold against Kilkenny without Mullane.

Yeah, Waterford didn’t beat Wexford.

Where did I mention Cork ffs.







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It would have gone down as the best 0-0 120 minute match ever seen imo had Grosso not scored.


50 years ago today. Where do the years go?

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Was that the game that was delayed because there were no corner flags on the pitch?

The 1978 final was delayed as the Argies objected to a plaster cast on the arm of one of the Van Der Kerkhof brothers.

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That was the one yes.

I remember that

You’re great for your age in fairness


The empire fell