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Where can one find actual proof of this revelation in the will?


Ffs sake pal.


The Liverpool District Probate Registry Office. I’ve been there to check O’Talamh’s will in person and can confirm that what I wrote above is correct.


Alternatively you can make an online application here but you’ll have to pay £10. Let us know how you get on.



It must be a wonderful alternate reality that you live in.


This time 12 years ago I was carried around a pub in Barcelona by a load of Catalans as I was wearing a Liverpool Football Club replica shirt. Fucking great night. The locals were rooting for LFC over Milan that night


Cumann Peile Learpholl abu!

An dara foireann Eireannach a bhi an bua acu sa Chorn Eoraip!

Ni bheidh tu ag siul ina n-aonar riamh!



A few of us watched the match in the Pav in Dublin University and then went to a house on Collins Avenue and stayed up all night doing ecstasy. Then myself and one of the other lads went straight into an exam in Simmonscourt which we arrived 25 minutes late for, both wearing Liverpool jerseys, mine was the 1995/96 version with the neck brace-style collar. I stunk of cider. I heard several of the other exam takers sniggering as we arrived in. We both passed it. Great days.


The RRWC won’t like that


Were ye the first bunch ever to leave the Pav in Trinity and cross the O Connell Bridge for a house party .


That was Kevin Heffernan back in the late 1940s I believe. Sebastian Dangerfield who was a contemporary of Heffo’s was another pioneer of this practice.


I forgot Senator Norris may well have travelled same route . You might confirm .


Indeed and by all accounts his parties were always great crack.


I watched the first half on my sofa. I never saw the second half because my missus wanted to watch Off The Rails. Thinking Liverpool were toast I agreed to her request.


Ha! Just arrived in Barca for a music fest starting the next day. By the time I checked into the apartment with two lads I knew it was nearly kick off. So we decided we would watch the first half there and have a few beers. 30 seconds in, the game cuts out. By the time we find another channel the first goal is hitting the net. One of the lads didn’t really give a shit about football, whereas the other lad was a united fan and laughed his way through the first half. At half time I said there was no way I was going to the pub (approx ten minutes away) for second half. For extra time, we ran down the road (with a lot of drink in us) and found the pub (probably an Irish bar) with English commentary. Place was wedged. I went for a slash during the Dudek double save and could hear the shouting upstairs. Locals were delirious after the pens. The only person not celebrating was the United fan who was seething.

A friend was across town at a smaller bar, one of those places with about six stools at the counter. There was a local fella wearing a Candy-era Liverpool jersey who didn’t say much. When they won, he started screaming and then ran across the road and just jumped into a fountain


I was in a bar in Ballyragget. There was only about five of us in it. At half time the owner ( who was a mad Liverpool fan) said if Liverpool won the game he’d give us free beer for the rest of the evening. Signed into the hangover thread the following day.


‘Can Manchester United score? They always score’.



cc @ChocolateMice


JFK was born 100 years ago today.


39 innocent Italian soccer fans were murdered by Liverpool shitbags