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Barstoolers are so lame


Great story. You watched a match in a pub and got drunk


Thank you. Glad you liked it


We gave it to those grease balls


Noel Gallagher was born 50 years ago today.

With Celtic winning the European Cup, Rangers losing the Cup Winners Cup final and the Beatles releasing Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, it was a pretty decent week all round.


Paul Gascoigne was 50 on Saturday.



100 years since 56 year old Willie Redmond volunteered to go over the top in Belgium.

This might be interesting.


That you listen to radio 1 in the morning? Not really.


No, you’ve lost me.
I had it from a weekend newspaper advertising tours of the battlefields, was just hoping for the pretend RA to come out with the old soup line again, hasn’t worked yet anyway. :worried:


Post reported


In 1986


Shilton should have been lambasted for that. He was awful there and avoided any scrutiny .


“It’s Stuttgart, it’s New Jersey, it’s all rolled into one”
(George Hamilton, June 22 2016)


is that the day the orish bate the Italian subs?


Yes mate. The anniversary of England losing to a place the size of Cork is also in a few days


Outstanding piece of commentary by Jimmy Magee on Maradonas second goal.
Different class…DIFFERENT CLASS


30 years ago today in Rosario the greatest was born


In 1971, Jim Morrison was found dead in a bath in Paris aged 27.

Also, in 1969, Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones was found dead in his swimming pool, also aged 27.


They don’t make rock stars hell-bent on self-destruction like they used to.