On this day


Aye, that Winehouse bint was quare reserved.


In 1806 a crew set out from the fair cove of Cork with a cargo of bricks for the grand city hall in New York.


A reminder , she is McCambridges nearly 6 years .


May they rest in peace


On this day in 1996 Will Smith & Jeff Goldblum saved us all from alien invasion



Ah fuck. 32 fucking years and I remember it like twas yesterday.


I can vividly remember that day, we had a hurling match that afternoon against the Glen and we had no goalie so I stepped in, ''twas my first ever match in goal and I spent the day hoping that I’d get a few shots to save, on the way home the fella whos car I was travelling in (a teacher in the primary school) codded me that he didn’t have time to stop outside my house and would only slow down and I’d have to jump out, when he slowed down approaching the gaff I opened the door and he nearly had a heart attack :smile:
It was only a couple of weeks after the McGuigan/Pedroza fight, we played the Barrs that day.


Who did you play the day of Self Aid?


I took the day off hurling for Self Aid, I don’t think Brush Shiels played Live Aid.


Why are all gga related stories so twee?


I’m raging, seething in fact that you’ve made light of my story, not like you at all.
Did you arrive in Northern QLD yet?


Hope you enjoyed malahide mate and the cricket get I arranged for you

Still in Brissy until Saturday


Brisbane is the only place I ever had a battered lamb chop, great tack after a feed of XXXX
Malahide castle was a great spot alright, fantastic playground,
We had an overpriced brekkie in the back of Donnybrook Fair as well and we bought a nice print in Manor books, nice little town


FFS sake @balbec

July 22nd, 1987


I have no idea how to post links from a phone. Cheers bud!


July 30th, 1989 - Dublin crush Meath

July 30th, 1995 - Dublin crush Meath



I remember that. A bad one.


they riddled Fran O’Toole, riddled him good and proper they did