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I was only a chisler at the time. I remember the father telling me about it later on in life.


Very boring true story: I was on a drinking week in Lanzarote with a couple of mates in October 2007 and Des McAlea, one of the survivors of the Miami Showband massacre, owned the apartment next to the one in which we were staying.

We had a good chat with Des and asked him where would be a good pub to watch the following day’s Rugby World Cup final between South Africa and England.

Des helpfully gave us directions to “the Tapestry” - “there should be a good crowd of English in there watching it”, said Des.

We followed Des’s directions to the Tapestry the next evening before the match and eventually found “the Tapas Tree”.


Did he Bayeux a pint ?


It would have been a better story had he bought us shots.

Sadly he didn’t buy us anything - he said he might be there for the match but he wasn’t, and we were heading home in the wee hours of the next morning so that was the last we saw of Des.



God bless Elvis


Tom Dunne is paying respect


I shall put some Elvis on the jukebox now.



I see they were charging $36 for people to walk past Elvis’s grave yesterday at Graceland. 50000 people there apparently and not happy about the fee, which is fair bad.


Did they expect to get in for free?


Were they all obese and of sub-normal intelligence? I bet my life they were.


Some scam and he not even dead.


I see he earned over $20 million last year without lifting a finger




I prefer the Smiths version.


Rusholme ruffians.


21 Years ago today Storey lifted Liam while Kirby nursed a few scratches on his fingers.



135 years ago today, 5 September 1882 - Tottenham Hotspur Football Club was founded.