Orange stick Championships - Antwerp 2013 and London 2018


My one abiding memory of the short lived Snooker World Cup is Alex Higgins issuing death threats against his teammate and captain Dennis Taylor, during I think it was the 1990 renewal. Thankfully relations among Team Ireland hockey teammates seem to be more harmonious.




Fellas would question you if you said tomorrow was Sunday kid but how long have you been banging the drum of how well organised hockey was…kev knew :ok_hand:


And that Fitzmaurice is bluffer :joy:


To be fair you’ve been calling out Fitzmaurice since day one and have been justified.

Your views on Lane the ref also seem on the money.


I was looking at the Dutch today they are a serious outfit, and by all accounts not a bad hockey team either


and you’re a right lad to know about that.


Horrible personal experience formed alot of that

Boasting about not giving us a free to draw a game because he had a wedding. In the company though of a Kiskeam player who rang me the next day


And Ireland win!

Ireland 1 Australia 0


Not sure if Ewan is aware of this but an Ireland team won a World Cup of Aussie Rules some years back, beating Papua New Guinea in the final at the MCG.

Australia didn’t participate in the competition.



The only times I was ever actually inside King’s Hospital were for a very enjoyable two week long sports summer camp there in 1987, in which I won the 100 metre dash in a time of 19 seconds, captained the winning team in the association football competition, and came third in the “length of the pool” race, which was won by a girl called Deirdre, who in fairness was a very good swimmer, almost in the Seashell Myth class. Ross Harrington just pipped me for second spot by a short head.

Even on an outside viewing, the place has changed a bit since those days.


also if he was a real man he would drag his “wife” back from a warm country to live here in a place like north kildare
a serious want in this fella


Kev called out a few serious bluffers on here allright in fairness


are any of these wans worth a gawk*?

as in to look at , not vomit on as they’d say in Cobh “he had the fucking gawks after a rake of pints”


What time is this on at today?


i think half 4ish
slow enough day of sport donegal/tyrone and the charity shield on as well

i feel more like im in mid to late august at the moment with the charity shield, the european athletics and some the all ireland football semi finals looming,


Evan fanning absolutely schooled Ewan on twitter. Embarrassing stuff. Ewan has deleted all his tweets.


Of the 8 teams in ewans World Cup of snooker in the 80s one was England, another England b and a third team was “rest of the world” :joy::joy::joy:


Ewan is out of touch in Belo Horizonte. If he wants to remain relevant at the cutting edge of Irish sports journalism, he really needs to be on the ground here.


He’s starting deleting tweets all over the shop now. He’s been slagging Off the rugby World Cup for years and now he’s bigging up this snooker World Cup :joy: