Orange stick Championships - Antwerp 2013 and London 2018


Came across a couple.

Was actually coaching one girl who lost out controversially before tournament last night in camogie.

Don’t think she is enjoying the tournament at all


Numbers will spike a bit but I daresay they will carry on as normal.

They have had a high level of coaching and smart administration for a long time.

Alot made if them raising money for themselves, I would suggest it doesn’t bother them too much at all.


Kev, my eldest had been approached to play hockey. I don’t care either way, but the camogie club said it’ll give her bad camogie habits.
What’s the story ? Beneficial or negative?


And @Fagan_ODowd says the subsidy to fee paying schools is bad for Ireland.


This is a great day for Irish hockey stalwarts like Dessie Farrell and Martin Storey.

Highlights of them playing for St. Brendan’s against Three Rock Rovers or Glennane at Grange Road or wherever was a staple of Sports Stadium in the 1990s.

At this moment credit is also due to TV3’s Sports Tonight who showed highlights of Irish Cup finals back in the early days of the channel, starting with Cork C of I’s win back in 1999, and BBC NI Grandstand who showed regular hockey highlights on their 5pm Saturday round up.

Ireland really is “on to hockey, noooyyyy.”


My old chemistry teacher is on the team.

KH for hockey blue bloods


KH is my local hockey pitch. I can see it from my house in Dublin.

There’s a hockey pitch just up the way from me here in Dangan, too - many’s the afternoon I spent kicking ball on it.

Ireland is hockey country.


Whoever is telling you that is an utter gobshite

Nothing but beneficial brimmer

Fitness especially though

Hockey girls by far the most aerobically gifted female athletes I ever came across. Regular club girls bigger capacity than professionals from other sports


A prominent Irish sports journalist is taking Ireland’s qualification for the WORLD CUP FINAL very badly on Twitter. :grin:

This makes it even sweeter.


Banging on about snooker ffs. He needs to lighten up because his schtick (completely intentional) as a contrarian is tedious at this point.


The AstroTurf? Used to be the 2nds rugby pitch back in my day. Only gravel pitches in KH then. I’ve no skin only scar tissue on my knees from playing on them.


Yeah, I smelled a porkie alright, that’s why I asked, not sure about the commitments involved but I’ll follow it up.
One of the county camogie lads said hockey gives them bad habits with ground stuff and grip etc, apparently knocks the wristy hurling out of them.
Also. She’s know to be ‘physical’ is that an advantage?


No. England are and they beat is 1 nil in a dead rubber in pool stage. Havent played any others. Netherlands are no 1


Is that the fellow currently resident in Belo Horizonte?


Yeah only reason I know they made the final is I know someone on the team. Think she could be their top scorer at moment.


Saying the snooker achievement trumps it is very disingenuous. An individual sport/pastime where a “World Cup” was briefly in the calendar and which was nowhere near as prestigious as an actual World Cup in a team sport.


The fact that the final is tomorrow less than 24 hrs after winning a semi tells me everything I need to know about what has been achieved here. They don’t even have the time to prepare for it


That Ewan fellow is an awful contrarian. Does he write at all on Brazilian sports or does he just sit in his bedsit in Belo Horizonte ranting about sporting matters 5,000 miles away?


A ferociously needy young man .


There will be limited hype . I wished the all Ireland final could have been on Monday last . We’d have smashed any cunts