Orange stick Championships - Antwerp 2013 and London 2018


I was looking up the 1986 World Cup
there. There was actually Ireland A and Ireland B teams in that particular renewal. Alex Higgins, Dennis Taylor and Eugene Hughes on the A team and Patsy Fagan, Tommy Murphy and Paddy Browne on the Ireland B team. Murdo McLeod took some time out from playing for Glasgow Celtic to line out for Scotland.


I’m sure I saw the Southern Ireland team winning a famous victory over England in the 1990 World Cup. I think it was in Bournemouth. I saw it on Sportsnight, where else. There were great celebratons.

I’m also pretty sure the Northern Ireland team got to the final of that tournament but lost to Canada.


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The British Empire Games are a sad loss from August this year, @mickee321.

Along with the European Athletics Championships, they were always a great staple of the quadrennial crushing post-World Cup comedown.

I hate the post-World Cup part of World Cup years. There’s a horrible feeling of stagnation and death around. I read once that suicides increase in the post-World Cup period.

Luckily today we can follow our country in the WORLD CUP FINAL.


Had the bbc news on in the kitchen this morning and in fairness to them they did a report on the Irish success and it was very positive, wished us the absolute best of luck and were genuine about it.


Fuck it. Megan Frazer is apparently OUT.


Confirmed. The girls will have to do it for Megan.


Ireland’s Call never sounded better. Sang with gusto.


Splendid rendition of the national anthem, even if the girls were out of sync with the PA.


Our girls do their own thing.


Looking comfortable so far


Damn, early goal conceded.


We should have got rid of that long before the goal


The Dutch take lead.


Holland’s 30th goal of the tournament. We’ve scored five.

A sobering statistic.


We’re going to get hockyed


Holland are some outfit. Watkins seems to be an excellent player


Camogie level goalkeeping from Ireland for that goal.


Total Hockey


We should stick to the bog hockey