Orange stick Championships - Antwerp 2013 and London 2018


Turned it on to watch and got an earful of that dirge Oirelands Call. Turned it off. Donegal and Tyrone more appealing now.


We need more funding to take the next step, Minister Ross was ahead of the curve here.


The Brazilian correspondent will be grinning away to himself

I expect article along the lines “Why reaching world cup final is not a cause for celebration”


I’m anticipating quite a bit of schadenfreude which is a pity


What an embarrassment. Typical Paddy, just happy to be there.


What’s the score?


Just switched over to this. Taking a bit of a hummering.


5-0 to the Tulip growers.


Ah good fuck.


6 - 0 now :see_no_evil:


They’re hopeless. How they got this far is beyond me.

Hopefully the Dutch put 9/10 passed them now.


The Dutch were all focused in the tunnel, the Oirish players were all smiling and laughing. Even waving to the crowd as they walked to the pitch while the Dutch walked calmly on, oblivious to everyone.

6-0 now.


Maybe we could have done with a few hefty camogie type players




I’ve no interest to be honest. Hi key isn’t usually high scoring is it? Is 6 goals normal?


It is for Holland. They put 12 past Italy


Bookmarked for August 19th.


Same here :joy::joy::+1:


Holland are the Brazil, Germany, Italy and Argentina rolled into one of women’s hockey.

Nobody who knows anything about the game gave Ireland a sniff of winning the final.

We’re doing well to only be 6-0 down.


I usually see a bit of field hockey every four years and then forget the rules in between, but it seems a bit shit that players try to bang the ball/puck/puc off opponents’ feet to get pelanty corners and most goals come from those. It’s like drilling the ball at someone’s hand from close quarters to win a pelanty in football. Most goals seem to come from these set pieces, or am I shite talking again?