Orange stick Championships - Antwerp 2013 and London 2018


It’s made watching this much more intriguing.


How sleep deprived are you?


I got 7 hours last night and I’m feeling fine.


God bless “ sucking boob “.


This is the truth


Great achievement to make the final considering the base Irish hockey is coming from. A credit to us all :clap:


Does one have to be a protestant to play this sport?



Hockey is the most popular sport in a few of Limericks biggest secondary schools,

That’s a stupid and very ignorant question if you don’t mind me saying (I’m sure you do) but typical of a joyless sort like yourself


That’s just a partionist Eire soccer mindset.


We don’t tend to bother with that nordy carry on down south where your religion determines what sport you play or language you learn at school…



Hockey is huge in Limerick


And in many catholic schools in Cork too


I know, it was an idiotic question, unbelievable ignorance


Steady on now mate


I’d say it’s the most popular sport for girls in Limerick schools, Laurel Hill, Crescent, castletroy an villiers all take it very seriously,
You can’t get a spot for your kids in the hockey tots programmes running in a few places


I fairness, the lady holding that sign doesn’t look to have played much of anything bar “hide the family bucket”


My mother - from West Limerick* - played hockey for years…

*Admittedly she went to a posh (Catholic) boarding school in Dublin


The all Irish language A school in laurel hill limerick were/are big into the hockey. The Celtic oo ah up the ra crowd wouldn’t be able to get their heads around that at all…