Orange stick Championships - Antwerp 2013 and London 2018


We had a brilliant girls hockey team in school and a hockey pitch. We played them one time and they bate the shite out of us. Dangerous game, even more dangerous when you’re playing a load of 16 year old girls with a point to prove. Games teacher called it off early as we had abhurling match the following day and the injuries were mounting.
Fantastic achievement by the Ireland team, fair play to them


My hunch is that in time you will regret that post.


My hunch is that some of you take this site far too seriously and spend much of your time posting based on how you think it will be perceived. Likebait whores.


You’re a fucking tool


Crescent are one of the best hockey schools in Ireland, both Laurel Hill schools are big into hockey, the pitch below on the dock road which was redone after the floods fucked it up is outstanding and packed every evening until well after 5,


So Limerick is Hockey mad is it? - :rofl:

It’s played but by and large most girls in Limerick wouldnt know a hockey stick from a hurley.




It’s not bullshit… I only lived there for 30 odd years :rollseyes:


Surprised that you’re so bullish on your bulkshit assertions so,
What would you say are the dominant sports in girls schools in Limerick city?
I don’t know what Pres or Ard Scoil focus on because you’d never hear anything of them in a sporting context


I already said it’s played - that doesnt mean it’s popular ffs… you probably have what, 100-200 girls playing it in a county of over 250k… relax youself ffs. It’s a well to do sport with limited enough participation… i’m not attacking the sport at all, i dont know why you’re getting hysterical here.


There’s hardly any girls in crescent comp.


How many hockey clubs in Limerick, 2? where do these thousands of girls that play it in school play on weekends etc?


I’m not sure but there’s one hockey pitch in the crescent they don’t even use.


Thats for soccer these days.


@backinatracksuit claiming Limerick is a hockey mad City on the back of seeing a few girls train in Laurel Hill when he’s out walking Fido :smiley:


There’s the Catholic institute place around Rosbrien. Played a little bit of five a side there years ago. Can’t think of anywhere else

There’s probably one somewhere around the NCR as there’s loads of money out that way


Limerick is a hockey city.


There’s a Limerick Hockey Club and the Catholic Institute … any in the county?


I thought the girls in Limerick only used the hockey stick for ramming up the ASR and Munchins boys holes?


Adare is ripe for the establishment of a H.C.