Orange stick Championships - Antwerp 2013 and London 2018




Anyone heading into town for the homecoming reception for the ladies? Outside city hall at 3 o’clock, should be a fantastic occasion.


I can think of 6 various reasons not to, pal.

What time is the supporters train leaving Limerick?


So Limerick has two hockey clubs and two hockey pitches, and the Crescent comp (one of the top hockey schools in the country) doesn’t take it seriously and uses the pitch for soccer?
Any more that I missed?? :smiley:


How many hockey clubs are there? I genuinely have no idea … It’s such a niche/middle class sport your average person in Limerick wouldnt know where the Limerick Hockey club even is.


I have no interest in hockey mate, I didn’t watch yesterday’s game, it’s more than two, do your own homework,
A neighbour of mine won the All Ireland a couple of years ago, it was a big deal, it is very difficult to get your kids into the hockey tots which take place throughout Limerick at the weekends
It’s not a traditional working class sport obviously but it’s very popular due to its promotion in the schools,


Of course it’s hard when there is only 2 clubs and 10,000 girls playing it in local schools :rofl:


There’s not only two clubs mate,




How many are there? I’m not asking for a history of each one, just a number.


More than two, I’m not an expert, why do you keep asking me silly questions,
Just because it wasn’t popular in Moyross doesn’t mean it’s not played.

When I was a kid the Ursulines in Blackrock were a decent hockey school and you’d have had a few hardshaws from Mahon on the teams.

It’s a school sport, similar in some ways to your American football, how many football clubs would you think there are in Texas?




I grew up in Corbally and not a sinner played it … I spent a lot of time up around Dooradoyle and Castletroy and up around Norwood and none of the many, many, many girls I was tapping would have anything to do with Hockey, mate. The Limerick Hockey page says that 2 clubs have disbanded in recent times and as best I can see there are 3 in the City?

I dont know why you’re digging in here - I’ve nothing against hockey at all and fair play to the women’s team, that was a great achievement - but the fact remains, hockey is a niche sport becuase it is a very middle class sport… it’s played in Limerick as it is played all over the country but it’s a fairly small population playing it… you’ve obviously been trying to do a bit of social climbing by getting your girls involved and the closed door has upset you and you’re blowing numbers up to make your self feel better… the simple fact is your dirty Cork accent has worked against you here… It might be more wide spread in Cork but in Limerick you’ll need to be able to pronounce the queen’s English to get your kids in… that and a hefty contribution no doubt.


Dont feed the troll. He is at the same craic for years with the rubby


You should really try and educate yourself about sports that are played outside your environs. Hockey is very popular in Limerick, just because you don’t see it whilst walking your dog around South Hill doesn’t mean it’s not played in Limerick.

Broaden your horizons Bob.


My kids have no interest in hockey mate, why would you assume that? I’ve heard that anecdotally,
If it makes you feel good then continue to bury your head in the sand,


I asked 1 simple question - How many clubs… that’s all. It’s quite plausible that the landscape has changed in Limerick but the prick wont back up his stance.


He wallows in his ignorance.


How many football clubs in Texas mate?


Anecdotally … ah, well… carry on so.