Outstanding Meltdowns


What happened?


I called Harry out for taking joy out of a horses and jockeys falling. Instead of just apologizing for his silly quip he kept digging and making a cunt out of himself.


Okey doke. I never bother with the horse racing threads - know nothing about it.


The Stewards are wrong apparently now, before that it was people shouting and before that it was someone waving. :rofl::rofl:


@Esteban_de_la_Sexfac on the drugs thread. A complete and utter meltdown.


I wouldn’t mind but with a name like Esteban he should be the first one the crack Garda drug team round up.


sorry Trump moment, should have read “would” not “should”


One of the most spectacular I’ve witnessed in my time on the forum.


@Esteban_de_la_Sexfac and @Robert_Emmet on the golf thread. I’m not sure if @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac is still melting down from yesterday.


Stage 6… you’re absolutely rattled to within an inch of your e-life.


s to the p to the o to the o to the f



Sad to see a split in the Limerick TFK camp in the run up to a big game.


You’re having a meltdown.



@AppleCrumbled has absolutely lost it, paranoia is an awful thing


He’s had it in for this Esteban character ever since he lost a bet to him, vowed to leave the forum, and then reneged on said bet. Bizarre carryon.


And here comes Peter Pan :pint:


Is that Apple rumbled after one of his deliveries direct from Colombia???


He’ll have to book a flight to New Yoork and make his way to Scotty’s Diner for some likes to put his mind at ease.


Peter Pan is hardly a sensible comparison, have you ever read or seen it?

And as for the pint emoji :roll_eyes: