Outstanding Meltdowns


Whats the big deal? She’s adapting to her surroundings.


@rocko needs to reel this fella in and remind him of his brief


Adapt or die.

Edit: Just noticed the subtitles. Facepalm emoji.


You cant see the gif can you?




@TheUlteriorMotive having one of the biggest meltdowns the forum has witnessed in the rape thread.

Very weird guy.


He did a runner from the thread when I caught him out fabricating witness testimony. He seems to confuse yes with no a lot, something rapists would empathise with.


And he’s the weird one :rofl:


Fabricating witness testimony is weird, it’s weirder when it’s done to support rapists. Maybe if you weren’t so backward and insular you could be objective and comment without bias?


You’re talking to yourself now pal. You’ve gone full Andy Goram.

Your good e-pal @Bandage will find this deeply unsettling.


Perhaps I should set up a duplicate account to agree with myself as well :rofl:
Fucking weirdo


He doesnt know which pretend Italian he is from one day to the next…


Perhaps you shouldn’t get in bed with rape apologists but then again you have the morals of a sewer ratm


Grow a pair of balls yet, rape boy?


Who are you again? There was somebody spamming the forum with that last week but I can’t remember which one of you it was
Fucking weirdo logging in and out to agree with yourself :rofl:


Ignorance won’t solve your issues, you’re a little hanger on to the rape crew. A Rory Harrison type figure.


No, I’m on record as saying I find their theories tasteless and @caoimhaoin’s ‘brave’ comment dreadful. But that thread is impossible to make sense if since the newbies ruined it so I’m out of it. Still not following that case.
I am surprised to see the faux outrage from the mods with the type of shit that normally flies or is encouraged here


He needs to change his user name from @backinatracksuit to @backtrackinasuit.


No you’re not. Why are you lying?


Poor @AppleCrumbled