Outstanding Meltdowns


Perhaps a porn inspired tale to celebrate his loss of virginity, a threesome or a few fingers up his hole


Look guys - lay off Apple - He’s only a young buck cutting loose. It’s not his fault we are all passed our peak internetting years.


Twoud make you think that if we bate Cork this place will erupt in a frenzy of bile and hatred. We cant handle wins like we can handle defeats


It is genuinely funny watching lads who have presumably been posting for years on here in their comfort zone throw hissy fits, screaming about meltdowns and personal attacks and gang ups because there is a new poster around they aren’t comfortable with.

Calling for rebrands and bans and all sorts.

I’m sticking around lads.


You’re at nothing if half the forum doesnt despise you.


It’s a drug related feud.


Ah he’s just still rattled since that time you walked you walked all over him and then had the good grace to allow him back in under the wire.


is he going postal?


no that’s the drugs from Colombia. You’d need 5 stamps for 10 grams I’d say


This row is passing the time nicely until the hurling semi-finals are on.


I don’t even know why some lads bother, where’s the fun in being mr congenial?


Can’t see what the attraction to drugs is. Tried cocaine once, didnt like the smell of it


did you try sticking it up your hole?


I’m the same. I like a punt and I like a pint but I draw the line at the drugs (pun intended)


No, what happens when you do that ?


Your dog gets high


depends how far in you get it.


You seem awfully familiar with anal penetration


isn’t that a whole thing on this forum?

Sticking a thumb up your arse… a running joke…

I have an issue with boundaries, and tend to take things to far.


I’ve been penetrated once… rolled four times and lost three wheels